Getting paid to travel the world and explore foreign destinations and hot spots is probably everyone’s dream job. Who doesn’t want to escape their 9 to 5 job and live an adventurous life where no day is like the other? Being a travel blogger seems to be the perfect job, but if you scroll through those high-class images on Instagram, it becomes obvious very quickly that this lifestyle is not for everybody. The modern travel blogger has to put in a lot of work to constantly post amazing content and satisfy his followers and clients. Selecting three must-follow travel accounts was pretty tough because there are so many great globetrotters out there. Here are just 3 of our favorite accounts, we will keep you updated with more amazing content from our favorite influencers from all around the globe!

Sam Kolder

Sao Paulo looks better from above 👀 Photo taken by @alexpall 🇧🇷 🇧🇷🇧🇷

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Sam not only visits impressive destinations, he’s also taking some daring images when climbing skyscrapers and jumping off cliffs. The Canadian-born filmmaker, editor, and photographer works as head of video for Beautiful Destinations and shows us the world through his lens. The extreme sports enthusiast impresses with astonishing imagery; he also keeps us updated with breathtaking video footage on his YouTube channel kold.

Johan Lolos

Golden mornings

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Johan Lolos has a passion for the outdoors and the wilderness; he calls himself a world explorer. In 2013, he left his home country Belgium to travel the world and shortly after his amazing images went viral on Instagram. From there, things got serious for the self-taught travel/adventure photographer when National Geographic, BuzzFeed, and DailyMail published his photos of Australia and that’s when he decided to go full-time as an outdoor photographer and post his work as @lebackpacker on Instagram.

Lauren Bullen

Swinging over the jungle 🐒

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Getting wander-fully lost is probably the best description for Lauren Bullens stunning, dreamy images. The 24-year-old Australian travel/fashion blogger has gained a lot of attention with her blog Gypsea Lust. She explores the continent down under with her partner Jack Morris @doyoutravel. The couple recently moved to Bali, from where they are expanding their adventures to document the beauty of planet earth.


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