From the most beautiful hotel rooms to the captivating cities and unexplored destinations of this world to the most delicious foods you can experience – Francesco Innocenti and Andrea Tamburrini have seen it all, but there is still so much more to explore for the traveling power duo from Italy. The two friends have made their dreams come true by sharing an undesirable passion for traveling the world in a both eye-catching and tasteful manner that makes every one of us a bit jealous. The two stylish bloggers are working hard to fulfill their dream by showing us the most exciting places, from their home country Italy to the rest of the world.

We tried to catch up with them and give you an in-depth look at what the two globetrotting food lovers are up to.

Francesco Innocenti

Francesco was born and raised in Bergamo, Italy and he graduated from Law School in Milan in 2015. Long hours in the office and the 9-5 working days had him caught up quickly, but he decided that there was more for him waiting out there, so he switched suit and tie for a camera and backpack full of dreams. Traveling was always one of his passions and he had a constant desire to explore the world.

For Francesco, photography was always a creative outlet to express himself and with his love for food and travel, he quickly started to document his adventures on Instagram. In just two years time, he managed to build himself a large following. With his crisp and clean aesthetic and his international appeal, Francesco also started to attract numerous high-quality brands from the lifestyle, travel and food business.

“After quitting my corporate job in 2016, I was stepping into the unknown. It wasn’t always easy and I kept questioning myself at the beginning. But the pursuit of happiness is paved with many challenges and surprises.” Francesco Innocenti | Source: Instagram.

Andrea Tamburrini

You could say that Milan is Andrea Tamburrini’s hometown, even though he was born in Naples, as his family moved to Milan when he was about one year old. Andrea always had the urge to explore the world and his family always supported his passion. He started studying at IULM, a private university that specializes in languages & communication in Milan, but he soon felt that being locked up in a classroom wasn’t for him.

When he discovered Instagram and began to share photos from his daily life in Milan and his trips, his following started to grow. What started out with a passion for photography, traveling and exploring the culinary world soon became a real job for him. Andrea just loves to discover new and exotic places, always with his camera in hand when he strolls through quaint alleys, watches a beautiful sunset or when has brunch at a cozy café.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for all the amazing experiences I’ve had, all the fantastic people I’ve met along the way and all the memories I’ve been able to make in just 365 days.” Andrea Tamburrini | Source: Instagram.

The traveling duo has been exploring the world for almost seven years together; they not only share an undesirable passion for adventures, mouthwatering food, fashion and photography but they also started to share their amazing stories on their recently launched blog.

“We felt like Instagram wasn’t enough for us to tell all of our stories and share as much as we want, so we felt the need to have our own personal space to play with.” Francesco Innocenti & Andrea Tamburrini | Source:

From Croatia, London, Sicily, New York, the Caribbean, Portofino, San Marino, Rome, Tuscany, Marrakech, Florence, the Netherlands and many more countries in just one year – Andrea and Francesco have already seen some of the world’s most famous landmarks and with their captivating stories and their beautiful travel photography, the two have left a lasting impression on us. We hope that you enjoyed this journey with Andrea Tamburrini and Francesco Innocenti as much as we did, so make sure to visit their blog and follow them on Instagram.

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