As you know, we love to introduce you to inspiring people all around the world. And who couldn’t be more inspiring than a mom? You’ve probably already read about Terra from Love and LaRock in our ‚Top Mom Blogger from the US‘ article and today we want to see a little bit more of her, her family life and how she manages everything.

Love and LaRock

Terra Gates lives in a beautiful house in Colorado with the loves of her life: husband Perry and daughter Winter. Her story is one of a kind as, on her blog, she opens up about everything that happened to her since she became pregnant. The 33-year-old mother seems to live a motherhood dream – but it wasn’t always like that. After giving birth to Winter, she had a postpartum depression and some struggles to get out. But she managed to start over again and is ready to talk about it and to share her experiences.

When you scroll through her Instagram feed, you can’t resist her adorable pictures. She started to document her life on Instagram in 2015 when she was 17 weeks pregnant with Winter – so her posts always had to do with motherhood – and so she launched her blog in 2016. While sharing a happy family life on Instagram, her blog posts are often more intense and open up about the beautiful but also the tough times about being a mother. But it is undeniable that Terra’s heart is full of love for her family.

Postpartum Depression

One of those hard times has been the time in the weeks after giving birth to Winter. Terra calls herself a postpartum depression (PD) survivor, as everyone who had to go through something like this knows, it is a fight. Terra decided to open up about her struggles after giving birth to Winter, how she felt and how she tried to stay positive. PD is an issue that affects many women in the first weeks after giving birth, and most of them are struggling with mental health issues and usually don’t feel like they can take care of themselves or their babies. Terra decided to share her story, to help other likeminded women to get over it and to let them know that they are not alone. She mentions that it is important to be open about your problems and that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed because of your feelings. With some help of therapy and her supporting husband she finally made it through and started to enjoy every second of her life.

Love and LaRock

„I remember that day so well. I didn’t want to go inside. I didn’t want to see my baby because I knew that she would cry like she did every night for hours and I was tired. I didn’t want to be a mom that day.“TERRA | QUELLE: LOVE AND LAROCK


Though Terra went through those brutal times, she always stayed positive and her love for Winter grew more and more every day. She adores her daughter and enjoys the time they spend together. For her, as a mum, it is essential to teach Winter not only how to dress or how to go to the toilet, but also how to be grateful for the things in life. They do some meditating together and Terra always wants her daughter to know that her mommy would do anything for her and will always be there to support her.

„The first time I set my eyes on my daughter, I felt like I grew an entirely new heart for her. The connection was instant for me and I felt so honored to be her mother. I would spend hours staring at the intricacies of her face, the wrinkles in her toes and trying to etch into my memory the sound of her coos. I was in mommy heaven.“Terra | QUELLE: Love and La Rock


There are so many interesting things on her blog that she shares with her readers, and her open-minded and honest texts leave you feeling warm and nice. From thoughts about motherhood, mindfulness but also her passion for fashion, Terra talks about everything that comes into her mind. But of course, most important and most lovable are her emotional texts about her feelings and especially texts like her love letters to her daughter. In those, you can feel her love and we see that her family is something special for her.

We could talk hours and hours about the love Terra gives and shares, but if you want to get to know her better, you should definitely keep an eye on her Instagram and her blog. We will do so and we are excited to see what her future will look like.


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