Last Wednesday, our editor Miriam spent one day in beautiful Copenhagen and met up with a very inspiring little family. Anthony Bogdan and Caroline Nehring seem to live the perfect love story in Copenhagen together with their little girl Molly, a cute French bulldog, and another baby boy coming soon. They started to share their life on her blog called “anewkindoflove” and their very personal Instagram channels. Miriam arranged a coffee date with them at one of their favorite coffee places called “Original Coffee” and talked with them about social media and purpose in life.

How did you two meet?

Anthony: I met Caroline on Instagram 3,5 years ago. We started liking each other’s pictures and arranged to meet up one weekend. So, I flew to Copenhagen and two weeks after I decided to quit my job.

Caroline: We ended up living together after just a few weeks of talking. Anthony moved from England to Copenhagen. Our whole love story went incredibly fast, but we were both very passionate from the beginning.

What’s it like to share the same passion for fashion, travel, and interior?

Caroline: Sharing the same passion is amazing. We are always bouncing ideas off each other. But I guess you could say I’m more on the business side of things and a practical person, whereas Anthony is more the creative type.

When was your breakthrough moment when thought you can work professionally as a full-time blogger?

Anthony & Caroline: The breakthrough moment was when we realized this was what made us both happy. We chase happiness and freedom more than money; these are exactly the things this job allows us to have.

Why did you decide to run your blog “anewkindoflove” together?

Anthony: We decided to start a blog together out of pure necessity. I had just moved to Denmark to be with Caroline, and I didn’t have a job here for a while. We were both passionate about creating content and we decided to devote all our time to build a platform for ourselves. It just happened that the whole blog and the Instagram universe quickly became both of our full-time jobs.

How would you describe the content and philosophy of your blog and your Instagram accounts?

Caroline: The content philosophy behind our work is constant aesthetics. It’s so important that you can always tell it’s my image and to follow through with the vibe and universe I have created. We love to inspire people to seek untraditional ways and make bold choices in life. We hope our family life inspires people to prioritize time with each other, to slow down, and to see the beauty that is in daily life.

What impact do you think social media has on your career and partnership?

Anthony: Actually, we’re very thankful for social media, especially Instagram changed our life. We always try to share as much as possible, but of course sometimes it scares me to know that Molly will grow up in this social media world. We don’t want to embarrass her in the future and that’s why we pick our pictures for our Instagram account very carefully.

Caroline: For the time being, social media is a massive player in both our partnership and in our careers. I have put school on hold for a few years to focus on my network, building my own brand, and becoming better every day at creating content. As partners, we are both partners in business, marriage, and parenthood. We spend every minute of each day together because of social media. It has given us the best possible possibilities to be a close-knit family and has taught us to respect and value each other’s differences.

How do you handle your work and family life and do you have tips for that?

Caroline: With small kids around, we have learned that we can never make any plans that aren’t flexible. We create our content weeks before deadlines, just to make sure we can get it done in time, because somehow with a toddler on one arm, things just take 10 times as long. And we don’t ever want to rush things. Our best tip is always to be well ahead of time and maintain good communication with each other. We end every day with a meeting and begin every day with a meeting. That way we always know who does what and we can pack as much fun in the day as possible while still getting things done.

When it comes to editing your pictures, you have a unique style and a few weeks ago you created a bundle of lightroom edits for purchase. Why did you decide to share your editing skills with your followers? Have you already received feedback from them?

Anthony: I created the lightroom presets because everyone has been asking for years. And it’s so difficult to explain to people how I edited my pictures step by step. It’s not like a big secret what we’re doing. So, we wanted to share everything with everyone and the feedback has been insane, thankfully.

What are your working essentials, things you can’t live without?

Caroline: For me the most essential thing is daylight. I can’t shoot my images in bad lighting and sometimes that can get a bit tough in the winter in Denmark, with only a few hours of daylight a day.

Anthony: We don’t like to hold on to anything. So, there isn’t anything that I have that I am really protective of.

Do you perceive yourself as an influencer or as a blogger?

Anthony & Caroline: We definitely see ourselves as influencers more so than bloggers. Instagram has always been our favorite way of communicating with of our followers.

Do you have a personal motto in life that you try to follow?

Anthony: No. (smiling)

Caroline: Time is the most expensive thing! After choosing not to have a regular 8 am to 4 pm job, I have realized that all these memories we create as a family are so incredibly valuable. No money or material good could have compensated for that.

Do you have an obsession and what is it?

Anthony: Yeah, but I find it a bit embarrassing. I’m a huge gamer and spend a lot of time at my PlayStation. I love to play role-playing games and I’m currently into Crash Bandicoot. I guess it’s my time-out when I need to take a break from work.

Caroline: Grey! Definitely. Basically, everything I own is gray. I also have an obsession with ordering green smoothies. I could live off them.

Do you have any tips for Copenhagen? What to do? Where to go and where to eat?

Anthony & Caroline: You should definitely check out Copenhagen Street Food, one of our favorite places to eat a good lunch. Go for a walk in Tivoli gardens around midnight; it’s gorgeous with all of the lights and a perfect spot to eat ice cream on a summer night.

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