Let us introduce you to Petra Gardefjord better known as minimockspetra – our latest Insta crush. Her beautiful curated feed packed with images of her family life, interior and everything DIY-inspiring had caught us up. We just had to find out more about the Swedish mother of three who started her own business with just a simple idea, a lot of passion, trail, and error. With the help of social media and a steadily growing fan base, the talented artist became an aspiring entrepreneur as the founder of Betón Studios, formerly known as Mini Mocks. An online destination for beautiful handmade mocassins and cute accessories for babies and toddlers.

Let’s find out more about the talented Swede and her love for minimal and aesthetic design, and how she became a successful #girlboss launching her own business.

“A trick is to just follow your heart. What inspired you to start your business will lead your way, and create a path for you, not other people. And with that love for what you are doing awaits a big reward, respect. It shines through, trust me!”Petra Gardefjord

It’s quite hard to imagine that Petras career plans went in a different direction from what the young mother is doing now. But in her twenties, Petra was constantly traveling the globe working as a dive instructor in the tropics for five years, and later she ventured on to work as a stewardess. When she came home, Petra started to study Tourism in hope to change her life. But matters turned out differently because on the first day of university she met Martin and one and a half years later her first child Frank was born. When Petra was home pregnant with her second child Liv her journey with Mini Mocks started back in 2013. Spending time at home with her daughter, Petra became very creative, and she started designing things for her and her brother. She got a sewing machine, and since Petra couldn’t quite find the right shoes for her daughter, it came for her to start making her own soft leather moccasins for the kids.

It took a lot of practice, trial and error and after a while, Petra was quite happy with the results. She started getting compliments, and the idea to sell her work started to arose. First, she tried to sell her shoes through an online marketplace, but soon Petra realized that it wouldn’t work without marketing.

That’s when her Instagram account minimockspetra was born. First, Petra was searching for inspiration, and like-minded people but she quickly found new friends, and just by liking and commenting on others photos she gained her first 1,000 followers. To engage with the community and by posting her work and family life on a daily basis, she started to gain more and more followers.

“I needed a goal. So by saying to myself that I would have 10k followers by the end of the year, I had a small goal to follow.”Petra Gardefjord

That said Petra had 30k followers by the end of the year and her small business started to grow naturally. By setting herself small goals and engaging with her supporters, Petra managed to establish her brand. All of her shoes are made with a lot of love, passion, and care. Every pair is unique and handcrafted in a small atelier in Vöru, Estonia. Everything from moccasins to accessories for babies and toddlers is slowly manufactured with toxin-free, vegetable tanned leather that doesn’t produce allergies. Petra also launched her own online shop which is called Betón (first known as Mini Mocks), and she also added unique items that compliment the aesthetics and mood that you can find online and in her beautiful store in Stockholm. Make sure to visit her Instagram account and check out her website.

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