We selected so many inspiring screenshots and links in our ‘saved’ folder on Instagram by now which we don’t want to keep back from you. One of those inspiring persons is the Instagram account of Hannah Crosskey, a British blogger and the author of A Fashion Fix.  The pretty brunette describes her style as “very classic and minimalistic” – a mix of British-chic and classic London style with the smile of the cute girl living next door.

In 2012 Hannah started her fashion and lifestyle blog as a hobby besides her daily business as a personal shopper. Since then, she has reached the fashion world very successfully and established herself in a few on- and offline magazines with her sense of trends and fashion. The fashion expert from Brighton convinces with her style – also to us

1. Carefully and style-consciously Hannah wears elegant and classic outfits as a trendy eye-catcher. Her style consists of contrasts and a beautiful match between classic and feminine accents. Oversize shirts, blouses, blazer, basic shirts, and loafers are part of her repertoire.

2. Her favorite color: black and white. Her favorite item: a white blouse. Hannah’s all-time favorite is a white blouse.  She creates a statement item and manages to style an outfit anything but boring with different sizes and materials. She wears an oversized cut with pointed heels and denim jeans, a waisted design with running sneakers and Palazzo trousers.

3. With an easiness, Hannah succeeds a perfectionism, and you feel the passion which the British girl has for fashion. Skillfully, she wears wide Palazzo trousers, high-heeled sandals, wool and cashmere pullovers, checked blazers or wool-coats as well as classic black sunglasses for her looks. Her style is the perfect orientation for an everyday-look which works in the office especially – but is also a trend on the streets.


“I would say that my style is quite minimal. I don’t really tend to wear many colours. I’m only wearing black or white now with a smaller stripe.” Hannah Crosskey

4. Her color spectrum ranges from black and white, just adding some colors of the nude palette, some denim blue colors and a little bit of color here and there. Her looks are harmoniously matching colors and materials.

5. Even when it comes to interior design, Hannah has an eye for details. On her blog, Hannah shares her ideas about interior design and impressions from her own flat beside her daily outfits and fashion trend content.


*numbers current at the time of writing

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