“I just want to turn my ideas into something tangible and feel alive in the process.” Katrina Yu | Source: flickr

There are no boundaries to creativity, and there are an endless amount of tools to make your imagination real through digital artworks. Indeed, Photoshop is one of those powerful tools and mastering the art of photomanipulation is the incentive for a whole community of digital artists who often create surreal and dreamlike imagery and share it on their social channels. But despite the growing popularity, there are always stories of self-taught artists that caught our attention straight away. Like the one of Philippine-based conceptual artist Katerina Yu who shots all of her images in her backyard, and then creates a miracle like artworks via photoshop.

We are not only taking a look at her before and after images, but we also want to highlight what inspires her to create such mesmerizing and otherworldly imagery.

Drawing a lot of her inspiration from her favorite books and whimsical illustrations Katrina Yu started to create her conceptual photographs as a way to escape from the constrictions of the ordinary life. It feels like diving right into her blooming imagination which often displays dark and dreamy scenes filled with hope, positive energy, and personal experiences that she assimilates through her work. And it seems that there are no boundaries to Katrina’s imagination. She proves that it doesn’t take anything fancy to create something spectacular. Katrina takes all of her stunning scenes in her backyard.

“I like looking at something and imagining what would make it pop out from the ordinary.” Katrina Yu | Source: flickr

To push her creative outlet and develop her editing skills even further Katrina first started out on Flickr with a 365 days self-portrait project where she posted one of her surrealistic scenes every day. It was a challenge that has been an eye-opening and self-learning process for the aspiring artist. In a short period, she learned not only how to master her photoshop skills, but also a lot about the technical side of photography. Always with a particular theme in mind, Katrina turns her artistic vision into whimsical and dreamlike scenes which often contain hand-crafted elements like drawings and origami figures.

“I dedicated this picture to one of my closest friends, who passed away that day. I shot this right after I received the news, and was in shock the whole day. I think this shot solidifies my love with surrealism.” Katrina Yu | Source: flickr

Undoubtedly, Katrina Yu is one of those artists who proves once again that you only need the right tools, patience and a lot of practice to make your dreams real. Her inspiring work is definitely worth a follow, and we hope that her story sparked your creative imagination. So make sure to check her Instagram account and visit Katrina on Flickr to see how her amazing 365 days self-portrait project turned out.


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