Hand lettering is one of the most popular artistic trends of the last few months. Whether it be cups, cards, calendars or prints for the home – decorative lettering can be found everywhere. If you thought artistic scripting can be accomplished only by purchasing the right materials, it will only take you a few brush strokes to realize this: It just isn’t that simple. This is, where Tanja Cappell, alias Frau Höllejumps in to help us with her holistic approach to learning the art of hand lettering.

Ever since 2013, Tanja has been using her alias Frau Hölle to blog about all topics concerning sketch notes – often also referred to as doodles – and hand lettering. Whether you’re looking to master cute little scribbles in the form of sketch notes or if you’re trying to create elaborate wedding invitations – Tanja offers a variety of methods to help you achieve your goal. With her abilities, she tries to keep the tradition of crafting with our own hands and creating something by letting our mind go on a journey, which is very important especially in times of digitalization. It only takes a little practice to create something nice with a couple of brush strokes – and Tanja’s got you covered with everything you need to know to get started or to improve your capabilities.

The range of methods Tanja offers to learn hand lettering is more than wide: There are group workshops in her hometown Munich, you can download her affordable brush lettering guides both in English and German to practice at home by yourself and if you’ve already learned your basics, you can go ahead with a subsequent set to learn more fonts. These approaches are both available for classic hand lettering as well as for sketch notes. On her blog, she shares all the background knowledge with us and tells us in detail about the different materials that she uses herself and recommends and gives us insight into how to use them correctly. Additionally, she gives us seasonal crafting inspiration that can all be done using our newly learned ability of hand lettering. With her initiative #letterattackchallenge, Tanja challenges us to do different tasks, using our creativity and artistic talents. The results of the participants are then again shared on her blog. Her great performance on platforms such as Pinterest shows that Tanja is working with one of the most-liked current trends. Her YouTube videos are just as popular, counting views up to 66.000, making her successful on all common social media platforms.

In the summer of 2017, Tanja came out with her passionately created masterpiece: The book Hand Lettering Alphabete was published. Sales numbers proved that the market was more than ready for it: Even before the first review was written, the first edition with 8.000 copies was sold out. It had only taken one week. On her Instagram account, Tanja then announced the second edition with 15.000 copies. The book offers everything that we need to get started with hand lettering and to learn how to tackle the pretty handwriting, making it the perfect addition to the download guides Tanja offers on her website.

Besides all the possibilities that Tanja offers her readers to learn creative scripting, there is even more: Frau Hölle offers commissioned work for clients. If you’re not up to getting creative yourself or haven’t perfected your abilities yet, you can leave it up to the pro – after all, she has proven her talents on her website many times. We’re excited to see what Tanja will come up with in the future to nudge our creative talents – even though we might have to take a break from Tanja soon: She’ll be on maternal leave in March. But who knows: Maybe soon we will find lots of nursery and kids rooms friendly hand letterings to be inspired by?


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