Building your own picture frames, knitting pot holders or spray new life onto vases – these little Do It Yourself projects may be nice, but Vintage Revivals blogger Mandi Gubler aims for bigger things. Her work using DIYs plays in a whole different league as she doesn’t only transform single rooms but complete houses into the most beautiful showpieces. Today, we’ll tell you a little more about what her work is made of and what she works on in her private time.

Dudes. I scrounged up every single fact about my in-laws new kitchen I could find! If you want deets, I've got them allll on the blog today!

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The mother of two lives with her kids Ivie and Dylan, husband Courtney and Boston Terrier Wallace in the beautiful state of Utah. If you take a look at her Instagram channel or click through the list of projects on her blog, you quickly come to the conclusion: Utah must have the prettiest houses when it comes to interior design. Wherever Mandi has taken on a project, she will leave the home owner with beautifully remodeled rooms that are always designed a little different from one project to the next. Mandi is convinced that rooms shouldn’t follow a trend, but that they should be designed to fit the personality of its inhabitant. Thus, all her home transformations show characteristics that match those of the home owner.

Besides her daily work such as remodeling regular houses and rooms, Mandi can also count more unusual objects to her list of finished projects: for example, she redid an old camper and is currently remodeling an old mercantile store that she bought to live in once it’s completely done. Mandi does have one advantage: she describes herself as fearless and thus she starts any new challenge with a lot of drive and is determined to find a solution for whatever problems may come her way – may the occur while working for a client or on her private project ‘The Merc’. On her blog, Mandi then doesn’t only share the results of her major DIYs, she also shows all the single steps of each project. Like that, any room that she has redesigned and shown on her blog can serve as inspiration and template for her readers that want to try Mandi’s ideas themselves.

Through following her articles about each of the ongoing projects, we get to see her process of making decisions. For example, she talks about the criteria for choosing a color for the walls and how to get more light into a room to make it brighter; but she also teaches us about more complex topics such as how to do geometric flooring with wood yourself and how to rebuild a house that is in ailing condition. On top of her expertise, Mandi is especially popular because her projects are suitable for smaller budgets as well. One of her renovations – the transformation of an old bathroom – only cost $939, making it a projects that anyone could afford.

By documenting her projects on her blog and breaking them down into single steps, Mandi has developed two sources of income. First of all, her core income is being hired to remodel premises and second, her platforms give her the opportunity to collaborate with construction stores, suppliers of building materials or manufacturers of furniture or wall colors, as they all would want to be featured on her blog. Additionally, Mandi has set up her own shop on her blog, where besides prints and smaller interior decoration, she has put an emphasis on selling letter boards.

Whatever items she doesn’t buy new from the store, she simply does them herself. One of her biggest passions is to search thrift stores for second hand furniture which she breathes new life into – leading once again to her belief, that special items add personality to a room. Her DIY projects are also the reason why her Pinterest account is going so great – it is a platform that works great for tutorials like hers. Whether it be kitchen, bedroom, kids room or her own mammoth project ‘The Merc’, where she renovates an entire space from its core up: to witness Mandi’s work is a pleasure – for those who only take a peak on her blog or for those inspired to swing the hammer themselves.

New hashtag takeover!! #letsmeet I'll start. I'm Mandi Gubler, DIY queen and creative tornado at Vintage Revivals. I have 3 so-so kids (jk they're pretty great) and an awesome husband that is equal parts sexy, patient, and handy. 🛠💯 My blog Vintage Revivals is all about fearless DIY and epic projects on a budget. I've been blogging for almost 6 years (dude, that's like before Pinterest 👵🏼) and can't believe that I'm blessed enough to get to do what I love day in and day out. 4 things: 1. My house never looks like it does on the blog IRL. 2. If I could only ever shop in one store for the rest of my life it would hands down be the thrift store. 3. I would so much rather talk on the phone than text. 4. I sign my blog posts "love your guts" but I never say it in real life. Like ever. Ok now it's your turn! Use the #letsmeet so we can stop being strangers about life! 😉 Or if you're private and still want to introduce yourself, the comment section is all yours!

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