The fascination behind photography is that there is always a story behind every image. And if you talk about street photography, you certainly have to mention the work of Zach Lipson. His street images are full of fascinating stories and a powerful message reflecting the American city life in an honest and endearing way.

Zach Lipson was always passionate about all things visual; whether it was sketching, graphic design, or interface design. Born and raised in Detroit, Zach relocated to Chicago about four years ago. He works as an interface designer and co-founded a tech startup. His journey into photography began when he was traveling with his brother, as Zach was stunned by the images his sibling took. In 2015, he purchased his first camera to document his travels.

Chicago, the city he calls his home, has also left a big impression on his work; Zach just likes to wander through the city streets, capturing unique moments that he loves because of the extraordinary architecture which plays a big part in his work as well.

“I quickly became infatuated with photography and its ability to document the world around me. What started as simply “learning” to use a camera, became a passionate hobby that changed my life in ways I could never have imagined.”Zach Lipson.

Throughout the years, Zach has managed to create his own implacable visual imagery and he is one of those artists who is very aware and grateful for the opportunities and experiences photography offers him, like traveling to beautiful places or sharing his passion with other like-minded people. Photography has given him a creative outlet unlike any other he has experienced before.

But what started as a simple hobby and just learning by doing what he loved, was also tough in the beginning. Zach wasn’t getting much exposure when he started posting his work to Instagram. It took him a lot of time, patience, and the overall will to develop his editing skills and perfect his craft as a photographer. Seeing other artists and photographers work on Instagram was another inspirational part and pushed his own work and creativity even more forward and over the years he became friends with other talented photographers.

I think it’s very easy with the way social media is to be discouraged. Don’t let that keep you from doing what you want to do and don’t fall into this trap of conforming.Zach Lipson.

Today, Zach Lipson shoots in Chicago with some of the great friends he met through Instagram or he travels the U.S. to capture the world around him and photography gives him the ability to tell stories in his own authentic and unique vision. Follow his Instagram to witness his amazing imagery.


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