The tremendous growth in people using YouTube throughout the last years has been proof that visual content is becoming increasingly important. Watching videos, viewing images and gaining direct information from these visual impressions is much more comfortable for people than reading and understanding long articles. Pinterest has been aware of this trend for quite a while now and has started to pursue the goal to become a visual search engine instead of being perceived as a social media network. One of their more recent projects is a platform called Pin Collective which allows businesses to easily create visual content for Pinterest.

Using Pin Collective, businesses can approach so-called content creators to have them work on visual content to share on Pinterest. Content creators are experts in creating visual content. They’re usually renowned influencers, designers, photographers, illustrators or art directors that are familiar with Pinterest’s best practice tips and know how to use Pinterest Insights to analyze visual content in terms of trends and user preferences. They draw conclusions as well as recommended actions from the data provided. The size of the businesses’ budget doesn’t necessarily have to play a role for a successful campaign.

Our content creators span a range of technical capabilities and creative skill sets. And they’re game to to tackle any kind of brief or budget, too.
Pinterest for Businesses

source: Pinterest for Business

Especially for Startups with limited resources or for businesses with rather conservative marketing strategies, which would like to get a grip of new methods and don’t have experts in visual marketing in their own rows, Pin Collective is an excellent option to get new impulses and to put successful visual campaigns on Pinterest into practice. Creative heads that haven’t been working of a certain brand for a while might have completely new ideas on how to showcase and stage a product. Using a very uncomplicated instrument, a fresh breeze can help turn content creating around and really pushing it to another level.


The only thing necessary to do is to sign up for Pin Collective as a business. Afterwards, brands can start tendering for their new campaigns and content creators can apply or pitch in their ideas. Pinterest doesn’t earn money from this (yet) – they’re simply offering a platform where both parties – businesses and content creators – can come together. Payment is transferred directly between customer and creator. Brands which have already used Pin Collective successfully are, for example, nail polish manufacturer essie or food chain Dunkin’ Donuts. The first brand to ever use Pin Collective was adidas Originals. Choosing Liz Chernett, a stylist, photographer, and art director, as their content creator, they staged twelve Pins, showcasing the iconic style of the sneakers (source: Pinterest for Business).