“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw


If you post actively on Instagram, you’ll probably know them – regular recurring creative blockades. We all have these days and what’s the worst in that matter: the more you try to enforce creativity, the worse the result will be. Uploading a new picture every day to update your follower – this pressure will sooner or later lead to a creative trough. We selected five ideas for you to be able to overcome your creative blockade and still enjoy your work on Instagram.

Take one day off

Yes, it’s that easy. If you’re thinking non-stop and every new day about your next picture, it will be monotonous and your content will suffer. Seize the day to keep yourself busy with other things and at its best take time for yourself. Take your favorite drink and rummage on Pinterest or Instagram, in books or magazines or watch a movie. Wherever you find some inspiration do it and you’ll start your day fresh and full of new ideas. That’s a promise!

Ask yourself “How should my feed look like?”

There’re a lot of possibilities and impacts of other accounts, so this is no question easy to answer. Therefore, you should make yourself aware of the style you want to implement on your profile. For example, your followers are probably looking for something new if you shared a picture with a cup of coffee yesterday (unless your Instagram channel is all about coffee ;)). That’s the reason why you should keep the balance in your feed and therefore, you’re able to offer your followers varied content.

Rework your own work

Look at your feed. Are there any pictures in particular that you prefer? Would you love to shoot this photo again? If yes, don’t hesitate and do it again – with another set. Your feed will get a personal touch if you reflect certain things or issues continuously. It doesn’t matter if it’s your pet, your children or a specific place in your flat – whatever, it should appear within the first nine pictures.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

ali loves snow, as you can tell from this photo.❄️😋

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What happens around you?

The first snow in December or a festive tiled dining table for Easter – we are attracted to pictures which refer to current topics or time. It doesn’t only help you to find ideas for your next post, you will also recognize that pictures referring to current issues generate a higher range of influence. Because it’s exactly what the people are looking for. So, profit from events, seasons or latest happenings for your feed.

See things from a different perspective

You can nearly find every object on Instagram – flower and coffee pictures, sweet babies and baby animals, street styles of the fashion blogger and many more. Trends are great and they generate a certain range of influence automatically, but you should think about how to differentiate. Why is YOUR cup of coffee that unique? Try to tell a story with your pictures and make them into something special. Instagram develops continuously and requires new creations, new innovative ideas, and limits which may be passed. So don’t be afraid of trying something new and create your own trend.

Try new formats and perspectives

The latest technologies offer you a variety of possibilities to restage your work or play yourself to the gallery. Try yourself on some short videos and cinemagraphs or change in the bird’s eye view. Because of technical gadgets, you don’t only expand your repertoire, even your content will be more diversified and fascinating for your follower. You cannot reinvent the wheel but you can try to make it even more creative, prettier and unique. A good example is Ramona aka @monalogue from Great Britain. It’s her car, the beetle Morris which she plays to the gallery on the streets of England. She also gives different cinemagraphs and film formats.

Two pairs of eyes are better than one, two creative heads rather have new ideas. Experiments and cooperations with other influencers who share the same passion could take effect of true miracles. You will get new styles, inspirations for new content you don’t have in your mind and you cannot transfer it by yourself. Besides that, not only friendships emerge from close collaborations. Also for brands, Influencers who are friends are interesting booking options in combination.


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