Meet the adventurer and outdoor photographer Emmett Sparling whose colorful imagery had us hooked on first sight. His crisp and almost unreal photography tells a story of a young man who came a long way and who had already seen some of the most stunning places on this earth. But if you take a closer look, there is an even deeper story and so much more to find out about the Vancouver-based adventurer and outdoor enthusiast.

Maybe it was predestined that Emmett Sparling would start a career as a photographer, maybe it was fate. Emmett grew up in a very creative family; both his uncles were professional photographers and his mother has a background in photography as well, from her studies at art school. One day, she handed Emmett her camera – a Canon 7D – which is a great way to start things off young and so he wandered around the backyard and started taking photos. For the first two years, he got more into macro photography and shooting all sorts of insects, which also helped him to understand his camera and figure out its intricacies. Emmett kept working on his skills and when he saved up enough to get his first full frame camera, a Canon 6D, things became professional very quick.

At that time, Emmett was doing a lot of portrait photography and shooting landscape wasn’t really on his radar so far. He was always inspired by the work of landscape photographers like Jason Charles Hill. After doing countless fashion shoots and portraits, Emmett felt that landscape photography and the adventures it brings with it were more fulfilling to him, so he started to focus on landscape and his passion for it kept growing ever since.

“Growing up on Bowen Island, I have spent countless hours exploring the forests, meadows and beaches with my camera, often bringing along my friends and family on my outings. Travelling the world has given me new perspectives on the power of photography.”Emmett Sparling | Source:

2017 has been an amazing year for Emmett, the endeavoring photographer has been traveling non-stop across the globe and his IG is full of stunning images from the most cinematic places that the human eye can witness. Landscape photography is becoming increasingly popular in the last couple of years and many spots have been shot dozens of times. That’s why it’s a constant challenge to find new perspectives or even discover new and unspoiled wonders of nature.

One of those places is the Rainbow Mountain in Peru; the mountain has been shot quite often, but Emmett and his buddy Phil Nguyen had the chance to be the first to shoot the sunrise there. It was definitely one of the most amazing but also challenging adventures Emmett has done so far. Rainbow Mountain has its name from the colors that were formed by sedimentary mineral layers in the mountain that have been exposed by erosion and since 2015, the mountain has been discovered for tourism – it has quickly risen to become a major touristic attraction. To capture the sunrise at 5.00 am, Emmett, Phil and their tour guide took on a 5-day track around the Andes to get to the back of the mountain to a base camp three to four hours away from Rainbow Mountain. At midnight, at about 16.000 feet, they had to hike their way up in the hardest conditions with -10 degrees and blizzards on the ridge that leads to Rainbow Mountain. Eventually, they made it and had the chance to capture one of the most spectacular sunrises ever.

This undertaking proofs that Emmett Sparling would do anything for a good photo; always with a happy smile on his face, his ambition and strong will make him a true adventurer of the outdoors. He puts in a lot of hard work to amaze with his imagery over and over again. But there is much more to Emmett than just stunning photography.

The globetrotter is also an aspiring filmmaker who puts a lot of love and effort into his productions. When at university, Emmett and his friend Shane McLachlan directed a soul-stirring short film about his father’s battle with cancer. It took him three years to realize the movie and he also set up an Indiegogo campaign that raised $16,000 towards this project.

“Diagnosed a day after the announcement of his wife’s first pregnancy, Lawrence Sparling copes with his brain cancer by imagining he is an astronaut exploring deep space.”Emmett Sparling | Source: Indiegogo.

His father was told he had a very slim chance of survival, but he decided to undergo a risky surgery and eventually won the battle and is still cancer-free 20 years after. The short film was Emmett’s tribute to his father’s inspiring story.

Emmett has worked on other short film projects as well and his goal is to get even more into the film industry in the future – maybe one day we will see him win an Oscar. Until then, Emmett will definitely venture the world and amaze us with his breathtaking imagery which we can’t get enough of. His work is a big inspiration and a call for others that you can achieve anything when you just work hard enough and stay humble. We are grateful that we had the chance to find out more about Emmett Sparling and his inspiring story.

“Photography and filmmaking have opened up many opportunities for me, from new friendships to amazing adventures … always on the lookout for the next great shot, I can’t wait to see where it will take me next.”Emmett Sparling | Source:


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