Seeing the world from another perspective can sometimes give a refreshing look on things. Especially if you are a photographer – it was probably one of those eye-opening moments when Harimao Lee’s friends took him up on a skyscraper rooftop to witness the skyline of his hometown Hong Kong. Witnessing this dizzying view from the top of his city had him excited at first sight. He realized that his city was far more beautiful and mesmerizing than he ever imagined.

“It’s more important to transfer a message or story to the audience than the beauty of the photo itself.”Harimao Lee | Source:

Today, you can call him an “Urban Explorer” taking us to new and undiscovered heights, portraying the big cities of Asia and the rest of the world. But he is not only showing us Hong Kong from on top, his work also tells the story of his hometown, of the bustling and hectic streets and his imagery often shows the loneliness and struggle of a young generation living in the urban jungle. His photos are filled with love and a confident hope standing against the overwhelming size of the megacities that millions call home.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons his work has gained considerable attention and he was able to build himself a large following. From starting as a self-taught photographer to climbing huge skyscrapers and capturing the cities from different angles including street, architecture, skylines and drone photography.

“I think everyone can take a good photo, but it is different if people truly love your photo. I just keep trying to add more elements, like love and culture, so that my photos can arouse the viewer’s sympathy.”Harimao Lee | Source:

Whether Harimao is capturing the night lights of Hong Kong, the spectacular architecture or the endless repetition of a building – his work always carries a particular mood and tone. He definitely is a modern explorer in the urban jungle who dares to take every risk to capture stunning images of the cities. Harimao is currently expanding his work to include other countries and cities throughout Asia and the rest of the world. Follow him on Instagram and get lost in his dazzling photography and if you want to enhance your own photos, you can purchase his Lightroom Preset Pack right here.


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