We always love to introduce passionate photographers who have made a living out of their hobby. Today, everything revolves around food photography and we’d like to present a special woman, who lives her childhood dream. Eva Kosmas Flores is an author, food blogger and successful food photographer from Portland – with heart and soul. We wanted to get to know more about the passionate cook behind the camera, who turned it into an inspiring career, and how she uses social media to build her own brand.

Originally from Hillsboro, Oregon, the native-born American moved to Los Angeles when she was 18 to study film production at university. After having completed her studies, she followed her childhood dream of having a ranch out in the Oregon countryside, freelancing as a photographer and cookbook author. She is getting closer to her big dream because she lives back in Oregon, the capital of Portland. Together with her husband, a cat and two little dogs they reside in a 1937 English apartment in north Portland. To grow their own vegetables, herbs and berries, Eva converts the garden into a vegetable patch. There is even enough space for the dogs to get a little run in and the chickens have plenty of space as well. Eva uses the eggs for a hearty breakfast or a yummy cake dough all the time. During their regular trips to the countryside, Eva and her husband find the balance they need to live in the big city. However, their dream of a ranch in the countryside is still there.

Eva’s love for food stems from her parents, who for the longest time ran a Greek deli and restaurant. Even as a child, she was happy when she could pull up a chair to the stove, watch her mum cook and season the dish with herbs. Until now, she is fascinated by dishes that really start to shine with fine herbs and spices. She shares this luck on her blog Adventures in Cooking. With ingredients from her own garden, Eva cooks original American classics like they do in the countryside. For this purpose, she always tries to use only seasonable products and meat from happy animals.

After that, it didn’t take long for more food bloggers and talented photographers from all over the world to became aware of her. Eva always strives to share her own skills and her development which is very important to her. Spreading her knowledge also allows her to continue to reflect on her own personal work and making her a better blogger and photographer. Besides of her first own cookbook “Adventures in Chicken”, which she published in 2016, there are many more projects, which are implemented by this engaging young woman

Under the name “FIRST WE EAT” the couple founded their own company and organize unique food and photography workshops all around the world. From wine tasting in Bordeaux to truffle foraging in ancient Croatian forests, each workshop is an opportunity to travel, learn, and bond over glasses filled with wine and tables filled with food. The workshops are open to photographers of all levels, from the seasoned professional to the new hobbyist. They offer comprehensive insight into the technical, creative, and business sides of lifestyle photography, as well as hands-on styling sessions with real-time feedback and instructions. Together they share their love of eating, nerding out over cameras and props, and standing on chairs taking pictures of their dinner. The workshops are always booked out and in the upcoming courses in Italy and Portugal in May you won’t find a slot anymore. But they already planned a 1-day-workshop in Portland in July and two more in Ireland and Croatia during September, where you should sign up for the registration soon.

No matter what you’re looking for – you’ll find it at Eva Kosmas Flores. Besides her blog, cookbook and workshops, she offers a detailed online course for all those who can be part of her workshops or love to deal with the subject food styling and photography at home. This comprehensive photography, storytelling, and branding course contains hours of hands-on instructional videos, 9 different lessons, and an e-book that contains all the video information in text form. Eva also provides her Lightroom Presets about the topics food and travel at FIRST WE EAT.

Eva Kosmas Flores is a real inspiration and with her confidence, her outgoing and open-minded personality, Eva has built an impressive career of her own and continues with her amazing talent to live her dream. Be sure to drop by and get lost in her incredible photographs on her Instagram feed, get inspired and feel free to pre-order her second cookbook “First We Eat: Good Food for Simple Gatherings from My Pacific Northwest Kitchen“, which comes out in March 2018. We are excited how the path of Eva Kosmas Flores will continue and will follow her fascinating journey and successful development.


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