There are three things we learn pretty fast when browsing through Jessica Van Gaalen’s Instagram feed: she runs on coffee, she likes everything monochrome and minimalistic and her toddler Lincoln must be the cutest little boy in all of Canada. Today, we’d like to take you on a journey to get to know Jessica, her husband Kyle and one year-old Lincoln Joshua a little better.

If I could twin with Lincoln every single day, I would.Jessica Van Gaalen

The first thing that appeals to us as readers when heading over to Jessica’s Instagram account or her blog about baby, nursery and decor inspiration is obvious: her images. Her love for anything monochrome paired with her eye for interior decoration results in a comforting, consistent feed that has us craving for more. As a young mom, Jessica loves Scandinavian design that is both practical and either white or black. Following the functional guidelines of a Scandinavian lifestyle, there is no clutter to be found in the van Gaalen household (or if there is, it is very well hidden). Her feed – and her life accordingly – seem very organized and perfectly calm.

Jessica’s life through her feed would seem almost too perfect and too well-matched if there weren’t the captions or her blog posts, accordingly. There, she becomes less of a super-mom and more like ‘one of us’ –  a mother who also struggles to keep up with her toddler who seems to have limitless energy. With her writing, Jessica makes the connection to her readers and telling them about the struggles they can all relate to: how kids grow up way too fast, how it seems like putting toys back into storage boxes is all you’re doing all day every day and how in the time between cuddling and playing with our kids, our coffee always seems to be cold when we find a minute to take a sip.

The mix of a perfect feed and the beautifully imperfect life of a young family makes Jessica so very relatable to her readers that she has built a great connection to them, not only answering their questions on Instagram but also providing them with helpful information all around her enviable lifestyle. Her posts spread from stroller comparisons and kids’ playroom tours to minimalistic bedroom makeovers and must-have baby/kids items. If you’re a parent and you’re looking for a simplistic, high-quality lifestyle, Jessica Van Gaalen’s blog should be at the top of your reading list. There’s also something to see for animal lovers: adorable dog Harley is also a resident in the Van Gaalen household and is often part of the pictures. Nothing for you yet? Maybe Jessica’s Pinterest account can serve you some great ideas concerning minimalistic living or popular IKEA hacks.

It surely doesn’t hurt that Lincoln is a super-cute kid who seems cheerful and happy at all times. So to summarize, Jessica’s blog and social media accounts are a pleasure to look at or read through. There is a lot of information for every parent out there as well as a friendly person who gets your struggles as a mom and who can you can relate to. If you’re not a parent, you should still check her channels out – the minimalistic lifestyle is something that everyone can learn from and implement in their life. We will definitely give it a try – maybe then, our Instagram feeds will look as cleaned up as Jessica’s does.


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