If you ever find yourself visiting the Instagram profile of Ginger Parrish, you’ll mainly find two things: countless images of laughing children and hats. The triple mom from Salt Lake City shares lots of family moments on her lifestyle blog, inspires us readers with her trips to the mountains and brings a smile to our faces with her pretty pictures. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this young family so special.

Family means everything to us, we try our best to be good people and bring our own sunshine wherever we go. Ginger Parrish, source: The Parrish Place

At first glance, Ginger’s blog, as well as her Instagram account, seem to be owned by a fashion influencer. The young mother of three boys – Jonah, Riggins and Jack – doesn’t only have a body that makes us envious of her amazing shape, but she also has a fantastic taste in fashion. In each of her photographs, Ginger looks fabulous and at least one of the items she’s wearing makes it to the top of our must-have list. Still, Ginger’s personal preference is very clear – she adores hats. Which is also, what she focuses on her blog: Under the Name of Gigi Pip she has launched her own online shop for stylish headdresses, all designed by herself. At Gigi Pip, you can find everything from beanies to straw hats and baseball caps; there is something to discover for any kind of taste.

The essence of Ginger, her blog and Instagram account – which also makes her a rarity – is her ability to write unbelievably likable stories that make her readers laugh or in which lots of mothers can find themselves. With shrewd statements, Ginger lets us tag along with her daily life, tells us little anecdotes about her kids, takes us with her while moving to a new home and just shares all the big and small moments with us. She always has a very positive attitude, is motivated and reminds her readers to keep the important things in life in mind. Her Instagram account is used by Ginger to interact with her followers. She asks them lots of questions, is interested and also gives impulses. This is where we really get the feeling of a close connection.

Rock paper scissored for skateboards coming on our trip or not —- + honestly, I'm kinda glad he won! 👊🏻

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As Ginger is very interested and open to new things, her blog and family can’t really be put into just one particular niche, she is an attractive partner for a diversity of brands that want to work with her. One day, she shows her users which products she uses to style her messy waves hairstyle, the next day she talks about how meal ingredients are delivered right to her house so she can cook healthy meals and then again, she collaborates with fashion brands. The possibilities to make some money off her blog are just as versatile as her interests and allow her – together with her own hat shop – to turn her passion into a job.

We've been Spring cleaning every nook + cranny of our home — getting ready for our big move. 😬🎉 (Even though I swear last year when I read • the life-changing magic of tidying up • it told me I would only have to detox our home once in my lifetime) 🙈🙄 #hoardersannonymous But while I'm on one— I've got another confession: We've had the same pillows since we got married 7 years ago. 😑 I get attached easy + yes, I am one of those weirdo's that takes my pillow everyyyyywhere. So upgrading ours was kind of a daunting task, but realllllly needed to be done. Happy to announce that these @jockey pillows we found at @jcpenney passed my pickiness test with flying colors. 🖐🏻 Link in bio. #livinjockey #ad #parrishsnuggpile

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What really strikes us about Ginger: Even though she openly talks about the many obstacles that you have to tackle as a mother, she is always in a happy mood, focuses on the pretty sides of life, chaos, and motherhood – and she can laugh about herself. Ginger’s channels convey pure joie de vivre, paired with happy kids, amazing impressions of the everyday life of an American family and a stylish appearance. The Parrish Place offers us the perfect package to get lost a little. Oh, and lemonade!


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