You can find almost anything on Instagram: Pictures of breathtaking landscapes, pictures inviting us to try out new places for lunch, and pictures of the newest trend pieces. But really, your Instagram feed should be filled with some humor and cuteness as well. That’s why some dog owners have started using the platform to share daily life updates about their dog and its journey from puppyhood into adulthood. Some of these accounts are widely popular and have massive followings, because of their adorable and funny posts.

Here are just a few of the most adorable and unique-looking dogs of Instagram you should follow. These dogs will tug at your heartstrings and force you to crack a smile even on the toughest of days.

Proper chopstick technique 🍜

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Stoked and sandy 📷: @masonstrehl

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//that was a very lazy sunday… good night everyone… zzzZZZ… #sleepypuppy #whitesheets #whiteonwhite #viktorthelongboy

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Enjoys long walk on beach and overeating

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I chill harder than you party. #sundays @forever21

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I'm easy like Sunday morning 😋🍩 #doNUTkillmyvibe ☕️🐶📰 #samsonssundays

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First day of school #jitters #mommydontgo

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You can do anything, but you can't do everything.

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Like a couple of 80's teen heartthrobs. Photo cred: @acoucke

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