Annegien Schilling acquired international fame for her surrealistic self-portraits on Instagram under the name fetchingtigerss, but behind those amazing images lies an even more astonishing story. Annegien was born in Seattle, Washington, lives now in Utrecht, Netherlands and has always been extremely creative. Since her father is a photographer she got her first camera when she was nine; however, everything changed when she discovered Instagram four years ago at the age of thirteen. It’s fair to say that this small app changed her life. When she started, Annegien was inspired by other artists on Instagram and their visuals on the platform. As a young teenager, you can’t afford expensive equipment like a laptop and editing tools like Adobe or a mobile phone. So, it’s even more remarkable that she started out with free apps on an iPod Touch, with which she used to take and edit her photos.

Annegien always wanted to be creative and through Instagram, she had the chance to share it with the rest of the world. It was and still is her way to express a certain mood or feeling and with her often melancholic and touching self-portraits she gained a large following in just a short period, hitting 100.000 followers within four months. Today, with well over 900.000 followers, the young Instagram creator has mastered her editing skills and still works only with apps, creating and composing her amazing visual art.

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It seems that she already learned a lot about the social media world. At a TEDx event, she said that it’s often very consuming and challenging, but that this is also what seems to make her push her creative boundaries and to come up with new concepts for her surrealistic portraits constantly. It feels like she created a second identity, her own creative universe.

On one side there is this young girl who loves to play soccer and meet friends, on the other side, she is a world-renowned digital artist with a large following and the pressure to satisfy her fans. And because of her success and her reach, brands and large companies often approach her to advertise their products, offers which she always turns down. Annegien refuses to create paid content and she hasn’t earned one cent with her Instagram account; she could earn 10.000 Dollars with one post but she says that she wants to make people wonder and with paid content that wonder wouldn’t be the same.

Whenever you do something online it should always be positive, do something that really is a part of you.says Annegien Schilling | Source: TEDx Talks

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That’s what makes her story even more remarkable; at her young age, she already knows what she wants. With her work, she wants to inspire others to be creative, to share feelings, and, first and foremost, to tell stories. She says having such a large following made her also more aware of dealing with hatred on social media and coming out of it stronger. In 2014, Annegien also released her book Imagine. Shoot. Create. that guides you through the various stages of how to create surrealistic imagery.

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If you are in for a daily dose of mind-blowing digital artworks, make sure to follow this young Instagram phenomenon and keep track of her creative self-portraits.


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