Hand lettering has become an increasingly popular art form and these creative lettering styles are almost everywhere – whether it’s the logo of your favorite coffee shop, burger restaurants’ chalkboards, the stationery or adverts and wall art, to name just a few. Lettering is still often confused with calligraphy, which is definitely where hand-lettering originated from; the art of lettering, however, is essentially drawing all kinds of letters, beautifully rearrange typography broken down into its shapes, embellishments and all kinds of different textures, depending on which materials are being used. It has become an independent art form and every piece of lettering is an expression of emotions, often with a deeper meaning — delivering happiness and joy with a touch of nostalgia.

Whether you are working with pen and paper or are using a tablet and one of the many illustrating apps; the variations are endless and there are certainly no boundaries to your creativity. Hand lettering can definitely be a daunting task, as it takes a steady hand and a lot of practice. This art form has created a whole community especially through social media, where many creative talents share their stunning artworks. We want to highlight one of those aspiring artists who goes by the name of Stefan Kunz. Let’s find out more about him.

It seems like Stefan has been around the world already at a young age; the German native was born in Africa and at the age of five he moved to Switzerland with his family. Since he was always very interested in being creative and artistic, Stefan decided to do a one-year class in an art school. Afterwards, he worked at a bank but continued to be very passionate about drawing, graphic design, video and photography. He kept perfecting his drawings and hand lettering skills on the side, and after three and a half years he quit his job at the bank and started working full time as a designer and lettering artist.

“I could lose myself in my imagination and bring it to life on paper. This also applies to lettering. Drawing words and placing them in unique landscapes has fascinated me for years now.”says Stefan Kunz | Source: TypoxPhoto.

Stefan was always very passionate about graphic design and when he started to get more into typography, he soon discovered how to design his own fonts. It all started by simply using a pen and paper and from thereon he moved on to create more digital works by taking pictures of his drawings and using a Wacom tablet and working with Photoshop. Stefan also started to create his own signature style by combining two of his favorite passions – drawing letters and photography, which finally led to his own website, TYPO X PHOTO.

Stefan is a very spiritual person who believes that everything comes from God. He draws a lot of inspiration from everything that surrounds him, he loves a good coffee and preferably brews it himself refined with some latte art.

Currently living in the U.S., Stefan is always out and about, traveling the world and working on new projects. Just recently, he released his own book The Art of Lettering: Modern Calligraphy in Four Easy Steps and gives online lettering courses in cooperation with Amanda Arneill. Make sure to check out his Instagram and visit him on YouTube to follow his amazing work.


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