Drone flying has become very popular over the last years and there is no doubt that it has also taken photography to new heights. These flying cameras enable you to capture truly unique viewpoints of otherwise common objects and locations. There are more and more professional photographers realizing the advantages drone photography offers to create stunning aerial imagery. In these days, as with most modern technology, it’s is already quite affordable getting your camera into the air; but in the end, you will only get basic images with the low-cost models on the market.

Like always, it’s probably the best choice to invest some decent money to afford a drone that will carry your precious DSLR camera. Flying a drone can be pretty easy but taking truly stunning aerial photos probably needs some more practice and a consideration of the outside circumstances as well. Here are our favorite photographers who manage to get all the aspects of drone photography right and create some of the most amazing aerial shots.

WAVE RIDER ? _____________________ It’s his drug of choice and the fix that he craves at night. He may go through the motions of life, but he is a man on a mission to catch the next big wave. Why? He can never get enough of nature’s energy and time ceases to exist on the board. It’s where he feels the most connected with his true self and his higher power. @surfer_magazine @djiglobal Check out the tagged IGers for inspiration. ?? . . . Thank you for the repost @createcommune @girlscreating @shotzdelight @gentlemanmodern @visualsoflife and everyone else that did the same!? . #idratherbeinnature #usaprimeshot #droneoftheday #dronestagram #outdooradventurephotos #dronefly #beautifulexplorers #thedroneu #teamtravelers #todsl #dronesdaily #fromwhereidrone #californiagirl #water_brilliance #visitcalifornia #dronelife #visualmobs #ig_escape #water_captures #fromwhereidrone #wonderful_places #funlifecrisis #girlscreating #ourplanetdaily #dronephotography #wildcalifornia #coasttocoast #heatercentral #rawcalifornia #newportbeach #dronepilot

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