Since the past centuries, artists have always been fascinated by the unfathomable motions of the subconscious mind. And still, art seems to be the only medium that can probably explain the subconscious world. It’s a world that words can hardly describe and only art can make these surreal dreams become real.

There have been many works by renowned artists of the past century that dealt with surrealism. But we want to highlight a digital artist of these modern days in time. Let us take you into the world of Russian based photographer Platon Yurich.

“It makes no sense to look for an identity, but you can try to find something that unites us. My photos are my reflection of the world. And what do you see on them?”Platon Yurich

When scrolling through Platon’s work on Instagram it’s easy to get lost quickly. He creates unusual surreal like imagery and let’s use dive into a wonderful world of fantasy and magic. It seems like there are no boundaries to the artist’s fertile imagination. His work is often about the connection between humans and nature and sometimes Platon himself is the subject of his dreamy photographs or he lets his models interact with the surrounding landscapes.

But despite his skillfully processed artworks not all of his photographs are manipulated because Platon often tries to create his surreal and dreamlike imagery without the help of photoshop. He carefully creates dreamlike sceneries and sets them up in real life. His whimsical and make-believe artwork always tells a story. Through his conceptual photography, he evokes some kind of a mystery as well as wonders and his work encourages the viewer to explore their own imagination.

“Often, my imagination goes beyond what is possible. Sometimes it is not necessary to do great things, you can do small ones, but with great love.”Platon Yurich

Platon Yurich is not only a Leica-ambassador and a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers he is also a very talented photo manipulator, filmmaker, and creative director. By using his creative imagination, he gives us a glimpse into his mind and through the masterfully processed artworks he shares his life experiences and thoughts. If you are looking for creative inspiration and highly appealing photography, make sure to follow him on Instagram and enjoy his work.


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