“His obsession for hiking and the outdoors has been born in the Pacific North West and was paired beautifully with a deep passion for photography. “

We are talking about none other than Matthew Massa, a talented photographer and adventure seeker from Vancouver Canada. With the astonishing environment, beautiful mountains and picturesque scenery just right in front of his doorstep it’s no wonder that Matthew loves to explore the outdoors especially with his camera. After he was born in Vancouver, his Australian parents moved back to Sydney, but after six years the Familie eventually moved back to Canada to call Vancouver home again. In 2013 he set out for a 16-month backpacking trip which should change his life. From there his thirst for travel began, and he quickly fell in love with the uncertainty and freedom that traveling offered. Soon Matthew set out as an adventurer and photographer, and he has already seen some of the most exotic and stunning destinations at a young age. After a long month on the road, Matthew returned home, and he began exploring the beautiful nature right in front of his backyard, with a particular interest in hiking and mountaineering.

We had the chance to catch up with the endeavoring outdoorsman to talk about his travels and how Social Media changed his work. But why don’t you just read our little Q&A with Matthew for yourself?

How did you get into travel photography?

I used to hike here in the mountains of Vancouver almost every weekend. The only camera I took with me at the time was my iPhone. I started posting photos on Instagram, and people started to take notice, I would get a lot of people asking what camera I was using. This got me thinking about buying my first actual camera.

I’m sure you’ve taken hundreds of photos over the years, but do you have a favorite?

My favorite photo was shot during an assignment in Huaraz, Peru. At the time, I didn’t think the photo would be anything special. But after I got home and processed it, I knew it was something special.

“Every time I look back at this photo, it takes me right back to Peru, my favorite country.”Matthew Massa

What makes a great image stand out from the good ones?

For me its all about composition, I try and start with an amazing landscape, and then I try and figure out how to work a human subject in while keeping the composition as aesthetic as possible.

How do you think Instagram has changed the face of travel photography? How has it impacted your career?

Instagram has made it extremely easy to scout locations and meet like-minded travelers and other creatives. Instagram creates competition amongst other photographers as well which can push innovation and creativity. Just remember to Instagram responsibly!

How has travel photography enabled you to connect with locals and their cultures on your travels?

It’s crazy how many locals reach out and thank you for showing how beautiful their country is. It gives you the possibility to chat with people you wouldn’t ever have met or had an opportunity to talk to otherwise. Some of the best experiences come from locals sending me a DM and telling me about that “secret swimming spot” etc.

Together with other creative adventures, Matthew created an agency called All About Adventures that strives to bring people together and inspire others to explore by creating engaging content. What started out as a passion for the outdoors and shooting nature became a full-time job, which took Matthew to explore over 18 countries already and he plans to embark on many more expeditions to better his photography and cinematography skills. Some of his recent destinations include the jagged peaks of the Canadian Rockies and hidden blue water lakes of British Columbia. But he always loves to return to his hometown Vancouver to explore the surrounding alpine. We are more than happy that we had the chance to meet Matthew, so make sure to follow him on Instagram and visit his website to find out more.


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