This time we want to take you to Bilbao, the beautiful and historic capital city of the Basque Country in Spain. But rather than visiting Frank Gehry’s monumental Guggenheim Museum, we are taking you on a culinary journey to taste the new Basque cuisine with the talented food photographer and storyteller Laura Arias better known as Laura Because on Instagram.

We were absolutely fascinated by Laura’s pared back, organic and fresh looking food creations. So we set out to explore the mouthwatering world of the passionate foody. Follow along as we unfold her delicate story.

As a child, Laura was really into watching the famous Spanish TV show “Con las manos en la masa” which means caught red-handed once again. That’s when everything started because Laura fell in love with dishes that TV host Elena Santonja was cooking. It was something new and different to what she was eating at home with her family but still, the simple, traditional and local Basque way of cooking had a significant impact on Laura recipes.

What already started as a passion in her early age didn´t grow into a career as a chef. Laura’s career path took her into a whole different direction as she studied information technology to become an IT Engineer eventually. Cooking was always a passion that she followed on the side but when she got married, it turned out that dining with her husband became a challenge. Laura’s husband had an exquisite taste of his own. Laura says it was like standing in the kitchen with a Michelin’s guide inspector. Maybe she felt spurred and motivated to step up her cooking skills and create her own recipes. Her interest in cooking started to grow over the years and to create appetizing and healthy dishes every day became a driving passion.

“I do not follow any specific diet, but I think that when cooking, it’s  worth doing it with fresh and quality products and especially try and moderate the use of sugar.”Laura Arias

Her family started to grow and while raising two daughters, cooking became an enjoyable hobby which also helped her to relax after a stressful day at work. Her family loved the dishes she was cooking for them. Her simple, delicious and mouthwatering meals always brought the whole family together at one table. Making her family happy with her creations in the kitchen gave Laura the confidence to share her recipes with the rest of the world and so she launched her blog and Instagram channel in 2013. Through that photography also became a huge passion and together with her recipe, she found joy in creating her own content.

“My photographs and my stories are a bit of my life, they are real, authentic, beautiful, imperfect … they are mine, they carry my own style.”Laura Arias

Over the years she started working as a photographer, food stylist, and recipe developer for several brands and companies in the food, household and decoration fields. Her blog won an important award from Spanish TV channel Canal Cocina, which specializes in cooking. Her recipes are mainly characterized by their appetizing use of fresh and quality products. With her simple and traditional dishes presented in a beautiful and mouthwatering manner Laura Because had us caught up in her tasteful world and we hope you enjoyed the culinary journey as much as we did. Follow her Instagram channel for more delicious food inspiration and visit her blog to find her photography, stories, and healthy recipes.


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