Who doesn’t want to travel the world and explore the many exciting places that our planet has to offer? Lifestyle and travel photographer Giulia Wörgartner also known as @giuligartner, has already achieved that at young age. But what did she have to sacrifice for it? The 19-year-old globetrotter had to say goodbye to her family and friends, leave her beautiful little village in the Dolomites behind to set out into the world and fulfill her dream of becoming a travel photographer.

We wanted to find out more about the young girl in the yellow jacket who is taking those stunning moody landscape photographs. We followed her along the way and tried to answer some of those questions, but best read it yourself.

Growing up in the Alps, to be more specific in the Dolomites which is close to the northeastern border of Italy, is probably not the worst place to start a photography career. Having this amazing scenery right in front of your doorstep can help to shape a close relationship to nature and the mountains in particular, so it’s no wonder that Giulia has been exploring the area for her whole life. But what’s even more astonishing is that she started getting into photography when she was 14 years old. She got her first full-frame-camera about a year ago, which changed everything and made her work turn into something even more professional.

Photography has truly opened Giulia’s eyes and made her appreciate the beauty of her home in the mountains even more. Whenever Giulia had the chance, she was out and about exploring the region and countless natural wonders it has to offer.

“It is worth to wake up early for sunrise and if you are lucky you will get some morning fog covering the fields next to the countless cabins.”Giulia Wörgartner | Source: Instagram.

Giulia has captured the beauty of her home country and she has been traveling the world to visit some of the most amazing places. But to achieve all of this you also have to make some sacrifices, stick to your dreams, stay awake and create your own visual signature. Maybe it helped that Giuila is not one of many girls who’s out taking landscape photos, maybe her yellow jacket has helped her to stand out and create her own trademark. But what’s the most significant is her driving passion for the outdoors and to share it with others. Giulia also understood that building up a connection with like-minded photographers can help to push here creativity and discover new places.

“It is very important for everyone to find a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life and make their own unique memories last.”Giulia Wörgartner | Source: giuligartner.com.

Giulia does not only take amazing pictures and posts them on Instagram, she also shares some intimate thoughts and impressions that often follow along with her adventures and the images she is taking. Her videos and Vlogs on YouTube also let us experience what it’s like to be on the road in chase of new spots and exciting nature scenes. Currently, Giulia is exploring New Zealand for a work and travel holiday – so follow along and be part of her adventures. Get yourself inspired to go out and create your own memorable moments. We hope to hear more from the girl with the yellow jacket and wish her good luck for the future.


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