Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to describe an image when you see it; there have been a tone of words that came into my mind, but all of them felt not worth it or even overly used. It’s one of those moments when you just sit there and feel speechless without even talking. That’s what happened while scrolling through the Instagram account of Jamie Justus Out. The photographer, based in Vancouver, already caught our attention a while ago when we reposted one of his stunning images. And there’s something about his work that purely grabbed us: through his photography, Jamie managed to capture this certain feeling of us as humans, only being so little against the overwhelming beauty and predominance of nature.

Jamie Justus Out is not just shooting landscape photos; with every picture, he perfectly creates a scenery around his subjects which makes his work so eye-catching and behind those breathtaking images lies an even more interesting and inspiring story. We had the chance to get to know more about the man behind the camera.

Jamie Just Out grew up in Salmon Arm, a small town close to Shuswap Lake in British Columbia, Canada. It’s one of those typical towns that is packed with tourists in the summer season and when winter approaches, the small town falls back into a hibernation state. You could also call Jamie’s family typical; parents, two kids, and two pets living in a white house but untypical is that his family had a distinct passion for the outdoors. Every summer they escaped from their small town to explore nature and go outside camping. And the area they lived in is like an adventure playground for the outdoor enthusiast with great Provincial and National parks to explore.

“I’m always blown away by how much I’ve explored in Canada and how many incredible locations there are still out there to see.”Jamie Justus Out | Source: instagram/jamieout.

It’s no wonder that Jamie is so passionate about the outdoors, nature always felt more like home and Jamie took every opportunity he could to travel the globe and explore new places. His father was a great inspiration for him because he tried to go on adventures together with his family to build lasting memories whenever possible.

When Jamie grew up, he went to university to become a teacher, the challenge to work with kids and the rewards were the main reasons for his career choice. Sadly his father passed away during his first year as a teacher, which is why Jamie took a few months off and decided to travel to Costa Rica in hope to find some clarity and to escape from reality for a season.

In 2013, Jamie got married, and the couple decided to pack up their home and move to China for a year to work there as teachers and travel the continent. Jamie started to document his travels; he began taking pictures with his mobile phone which he posted on Instagram and his travel blog. He started to enjoy photography as a creative outlet and when he and his wife returned to Canada, Jamie decided to pursue photography more seriously and started to invest more effort and time to improve his photography skills.

Jamie is a proud father of a 1-year old boy now, the birth of his son and becoming a father certainly was a life-changing experience for Jamie. He took eight months off from work to care about his small family and to focus more on photography, too. Over the years the former elementary teacher invested a lot of time and energy to work as a photographer and to enjoy the outdoors. What often looks like the perfect life through Instagram, is based on hard work in reality but Jamie doesn’t want to see it as a job, he loves to get out and explore – always taking his camera with him. As a new dad, it’s also sometimes challenging to plan his trips and the most important thing for Jamie is to spend time with his family and care about his son.

With his stunning photography and a lot of hard work, Jamie has built himself a large following; he has also been selected as #One2Watch by Canon Canada. Jamie is trying to instill the many values his father placed into his life and he wants to carry that on and teach his son the same values to enjoy the beauty of nature. With his story, his work and mentality, the husband, father and amazing photographer inspires us to get out and explore, to care for our loved ones and to create memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure to follow Jamie on Instagram. We are excited to see what the future holds for him.


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