If you ever find yourself scrolling through the blog Oh Honey Bakes, you’ll mainly find two things: wonderful dreamy pictures of beautiful decorated sweet cakes as well as gluten-free recipe inspirations. Tiffany Howard lives on a small farm near to Seattle and shares primarily her passion for cakes and complemented them with recipes on her blog once in a while. Follow us behind the scenes of the sympathetic American woman and have a closer look at her work.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about you and where you come from?

My name is Tiffany and I started the blog Oh Honey Bakes nearly three years ago – just after moving to Seattle, Washington from Texas. I grew up in Virginia but have lived all over the US and in Sydney, Australia as well. I now live on a tiny farm outside Seattle and have a son, a dog, a cat and her four kittens,  and 14 chickens.

That sounds interesting. Tell us more about where you live and, what a typical day looks like?

We bought our tiny farm and its very 1970’s house last fall (read: lots of wood paneling). We haven’t done much to the inside yet, but we’ve planted a garden and fruit trees, berry bushes, and flowers, all of which I’m learning how to take care of. I have absolutely no gardening experience! I’m also currently in graduate school, so my days are filled with hanging out with my son, reading psychology books, gardening and, of course, baking.

When was the first time you thought about starting your blog and why?

I fell in love with baking about ten years ago. I started baking insane cakes after I had my son, and friends started asking for the recipes. When we moved to Seattle my friend Holly of The Modern Proper encouraged me to start posting the recipes somewhere, so I did! I really had no expectations, it was just something fun for me to do.

How long did it take to become a professional blogger?

Am I a professional blogger?! Kidding. I started working with companies about six months after starting the blog. I remember being SO elated, I couldn’t believe someone was going to pay me to bake things and take pictures of them. I’m honestly still so honored to work with the amazing companies I partner with.

How would you describe your content?

I transitioned to a gluten-free diet about a year ago, and while I still love over-the-top cakes, I want to create recipes for every day as well as for special occasions. I don’t want to only post things you’d bake for your best friend’s birthday, but also things you’d bake for yourself on a weeknight. I’m passionate about incorporating seasonal ingredients into my recipes.

What impact do you think Social Media has on your career with Oh Honey Bakes?

I have a love/hate relationship with Social Media. I love the connection with and exposure to other food lovers and makers that I’ve found there, but I really don’t love being tied to my phone. I appreciate the opportunities it grants small business owners (like myself!), but I’m also aware of the ways it perpetuates the false illusion of connection in our society. I saw a meme that said “being famous on social media is like being rich in monopoly money, it’s not real” and, while funny, it’s so true. You can have thousands and thousands of followers without actually connecting with a single person.

What is your current favorite cake and do you have some favorite ingredients?

I don’t know if I have a favorite cake! I’m always a sucker for chocolate, but currently, anything involving summer fruits. I can’t get enough!

What are your working essentials, things you can’t live without?

My kitchen aid. I got it secondhand about ten years ago and it’s still going. It’s got some quirks, a little like the old car you have to hit in just the right spot to get the radio to work.

If you would like to get inspired by Tiffany’s work, make sure to follow her for some mouth-watering sweet dreams and gluten-free alternatives on her Instagram account or her beautiful blog.

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