When we had the chance to find out more about the roaming London girl Hayley Vincent, we knew there was much more than just the adventures and the life together with her partner, the renowned photographer Jacob Riglin. Hayley has been always fascinated by the many different cultures around the globe and their varying way of life. And it’s safe to say that traveling had here hooked since the first time she got on a plain to visit new and foreign countries.

Her beautiful and captivating images, her inspiring travel stories as well as her strong awareness of our environment had us hooked instantly and so we had to find out more about the passionate traveler.

Since a young age, Hayley has been fortunate to be able to see the world with her own eyes and go on many holiday trips. These adventure travels were just the beginning and her first introduction to the different cultures and the fascinating world we live in. These experiences have sparked her strong will to fulfill her passion to explore the world. It’s no wonder that she went on her first real backpacking trip to South East Asia when she was 19 years old.

“I noticed when I arrived back from the trip that not many people I knew in my hometown were traveling that much and it made me want to help inspire and give people that push to travel and see the world and that’s what I hope to do with my blog.” Hayley Vincent | Source: hayleyvincent.com

And the next adventure was already waiting for Hayley because she soon decided to leave her hometown London to make her first big move to New Zealand. It indeed wasn’t the easiest decision to leave her family and friends behind and also starting her new adventure without a real future plan made Hayley worry in the first place. But from the point she arrived in NZ, she fell in love with her new home. Hayley was truly fascinated by the beauty and unreal landscapes of New Zealand and this unique island will always hold a special place in her heart.

“From insane mountain ranges to iced glaciers I honestly don’t know how this country can get any better! I love hiking so it’s perfect for me, there are many mountain ranges to climb with a different breathtaking view each time.” Hayley Vincent | Source: hayleyvincent.com

Hayley and Jacob have been a couple since they met in high school at the age of 16. Their relationship kept on growing over the years and they both always shared the same passion for traveling and discovering new and exotic places. Hayley was always inspired by the hard work Jacob put into becoming one of the leading travel photographers and she had been supporting him since he first picked up his camera – he still is her big inspiration.

What’s on Hayley’s Bucketlist?

  • She wants to learn a new language because Hayley only speaks English.
  • She wants to get her skydiving license – because why not?!
  • Hayley wants to raise more awareness of the global impact – because she thinks we all have a responsibility to ensure we fix what we have done to planet earth.

It’s no wonder that the grey and rainy London couldn’t hold her for long and so Hayley and Jacob decided to move to Bali. Since the two are traveling full time, it was the easiest way of being close to the other side of the world. Bali has become the perfect place for the traveling duo to settle down and focus on their next projects. You can expect exciting workshops at different and cool locations, as well as a YouTube Channel. Hayley also plans to attend some volunteering and humanitarian work to make our planet a better place. We will definitely watch out what Hayley is up to in the future and follow her adventure stories. Make sure to drop by her amazing Instagram and visit her blog to get you in the traveling mood.


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