We’ve been keeping an eye on beautiful Heather Ruiz for quite a while now, and today we’re offering you the chance to find out more about the ambitious fashion and lifestyle blogger and talented content creator from sunny Los Angeles. Heather has been blogging under the synonym heatherroams for quite some time now, sharing her passion. She believes in chasing her own story. She believes in women empowering each other. She believes in telling her truth, and so she’s here to share hers. You have probably met Heather on Instagram. But her blog is where she writes and shows you the pictures that didn’t get picked for the ‘gram. We love that her account isn’t just about the newest fashion trends or a perfectly staged image, but about the joy she has when playing with images.

Tell us five facts about you.

I’ve lived in four countries, I eat my hashbrowns with ketchup on the side, I’m almost six feet tall, I have a space on my bed reserved exclusively for the cat, and I once went through a natural deodorant phase that my friends were glad I ended.

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m from Eastern Washington; I grew up in a secluded cabin near the Canadian wilderness. I was homeschooled until my senior year of high school, which developed a lot of free creativity.

Why did you decide to join Instagram?

I joined right before I decided to take a year off college and travel through the Sahara.

When did you consider starting your own blog and why?

I started a blog while I was living in Barcelona and then started a second blog when I lived in Africa. They were gut-wrenching honest about my search for myself and the relationships that I built while abroad. I eventually decided to archive the travel blog and launch “Heather Roams” because a nineteen-year-old posting about how she threw goat poop on the village bully is funny, but for a twenty-four-year-old, it’s something that makes bosses go “what the heck?!”

Who is doing your pictures? How do you take them?

My fiance Chris takes a lot of my pictures after I set them up. Sometimes I’m lucky to meet up with an amazing photographer, and I’ll show up with ten outfits like “Let’s Do This!”

Can you tell us which equipment you use for your content and how do you edit your photographs?

I have a Sigma Art Lens that is drool-worthy for those silky skin tones, but my fiance had a harder time working with a DSLR. When he takes my pictures, I usually use my iPhone X only. I use VSCO to edit for the most part, but when I’m shooting raw, I use my Lightroom presets. 

Are you running your blog full time? And if not, what are you doing besides your passion for fashion and travel?

I work in healthcare marketing full-time and the blog is something to look forward to at the end of my day. I’m currently creating video campaigns for healthcare marketing and implementing community programs. I love feeling that I can apply my creative skills to help my community.

What was the best experience you had so far through your blog or Instagram?

I recently teamed up with an incredible photographer and another free-spirited travel blogger to travel through Italy. There was this moment that we were stuffing our faces with pizza in the back of a train heading to Naples, surrounded by our luggage with the clothing that brands had sent to sponsor our trip, and I’m thinking, “This is what I dreamed of!”.

What impact does social media have on your career?

I prefer to keep my work life and Instagram life separate. I show up with slacks and loafers and my hair in a pony, and most people have no idea that I’m running a creative business when I get home. Every once in a while someone makes a comment like “You’re so tall, you could be a model,” and I just smile and say “Really?”. There are a few people in my hospital who found my Instagram, and they’re like “Wait, that’s Heather!”
I’m excited about the future because more and more industries are finding that digital management skills are the make-it-or-break-it in sales, marketing, and B2B environments.

What are your three fashion must-haves for the upcoming fall/winter season 2018?

A coordinating plaid suit set, kitten sock heels, and a beret.

How and where do you find your fashion inspirations?

Los Angeles is full of diverse culture and art. Just walking down the street in the Fashion district, there are unique boutiques and stylish Angelinos that are inspiring. I try to visit a museum every weekend, and I recently visited the fashion photography exhibition at the Getty. I was taking pictures of everything in the exhibition and pulling my fiance around like “Just look at this! We have to recreate something like this!”.

What are the pieces without you cannot live?

I have a basic black leather watch with a gold face that elevates almost any outfit to look chicer. And I have another gold hair clip that turns bad hair into a french style. I find that simple pieces like tiny pearl earrings, a delicate gold chain, or black leather pumps turn a black dress or washed denim into something elegant.
Do you have some plans and exciting projects for the upcoming month you can share with us?

I’m publishing a guide to packing a carry-on full of over 15 mix-and-match outfits that are each cute as a button! Stay tuned for this fun post! Also, I’m starting a blogger resource club for Los Angeles locals who want to share ideas. Contact me if you’re interested.

We hope that Heather’s account keeps growing and that she will keep on sharing pictures of her love for beautiful things and inspiring content. We would love to read some more about her experiences on her blog as well.


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