Come with us on a journey to England most specifically Somerset in the South West close to Bristol. A beautiful place like in storybooks with cottages, historical castles, and beautiful countrysides. How we found out about this hidden wonderland? Maybe it’s because of Ramona Jones who blogs and posts about her beautiful home. Her images on her Instagram account Monalogue made us want to visit this place right away. You can tell that Ramon never wants to leave her hometown, she seems to be happy with where she lives and you can really see that through her imagery. But how did her Instagram obsession turn into a real career?

Maybe it was all unintentionally because when Ramona started using Instagram and taking photos of her breakfast with her iPhone, she never expected that it could become a full-time job and even pay her rent. But since back then a lot has changed for the young woman from Somerset. Her followers kept rising steadily; she started taking more pictures of her hometown and the historical monuments and villages that surrounded her. She also invested in some decent camera equipment and when she finished her studies at the University of Bristol in 2016, she had around 50,000 Instagram followers. Ramona was also running her blog Monalogue with which gave her readers an even more in-depth look at her life. She started blogging in 2014 because her thoughts just wouldn’t fit into the Instagram caption and she needed a place to write it down. The Instagram caption limit disappeared, but her blog stayed.

After graduating from University, blogging kind of took over and she started taking more photos and working as a writer. Blogging became a full-time career but luckily Ramona’s boyfriend Aaron helped her out. They both always had the same affection for photography and their work became more and more professional since the couple dedicated their whole time to the blog and into photography which definitely paid out. Monologue turned into a lifestyle blog featuring topics like food, health, and life in general; the blog is also where Ramona and Aaron document their travels through the English countryside and other countries. Ramona was always obsessed with cars and in Summer 2017 she was able to fulfill her dream of owning an old Morris Minor which she affectionately calls Maurice. Since then Maurice is their permanent companion when the couple is out and about to explore the beautiful country of England.

It seems like Ramona really found her place in life and that she appreciates what she has right in front of her doorstep. That’s something you can see when scrolling through her Instagram or when you visit her YouTube channel. But it wasn’t always like that; as a teenager, Ramona was struggling with anxiety and it took time for her to find confidence. Reading books about mental health and sharing her experiences with others helped her a lot as well.

“Talking about mental health experience is so important. Online I’ve felt supported by those on Instagram who have been brave enough to share their stories and offer kind words. So writing about my experience only feels right.”Ramona Jones | Source:

It’s still a topic she writes about on her blog to help others. Today she is really confident about herself and somehow her story teaches us that being happy with yourself and accepting every aspect of your personality makes you who you are. Sometimes the best things in life are right in front of you, and you don’t have to travel the world to find them. We are more than happy that Ramona and Aaron created this unique perspective of their world and we will definitely look out where their next adventure will take them.


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