With an unstoppable desire to explore the world, the Australian travel blogger Hayley Andersen set out for an adventurous road trip across Europe and ever since she has been living her dream of endless summers and searching unforgettable adventures abroad.

Hayley made her first overseas trip ever to Thailand when she was 15; her mother took her and her sister on an unforgettable trip. Ever since then, a desire was sparked and Hayley was instantly addicted to that feeling of traveling to somewhere completely out of the world she was used to. She knew that when she would be old enough that she would be willing to do anything to travel and explore the world as much as she could.

Photography was another passion that Hayley had followed since a young age. Her grandparents handed her her first camera when she was twelve. On her eighteenth birthday, she got her first DSLR and she hasn’t put it down ever since. Her passion kept growing and she kept on reading lots of books, watching YouTube videos and practicing almost every day.

“For me, capturing people and landscapes together is key. Having a person in shot puts it all into perspective and tells a much greater story.”Hayley Andersen | Source: watergatebay.co.uk

Since Australia is not the worst place to grow up and travel around, Hayley was out and about exploring her home country on the regular; she also started to record her photography and trips through the red continent as Haylsa on Instagram. But to fulfill her dream, Hayley had bigger plans. After working and saving all the money she could, Hayley and her partner Kyle Hunter packed their bags to set out for an adventurous road trip through Europe. The couple started out in Scotland where they planned to visit Kyle´s family. The two bought a camper van and the next year after, they were driving through Europe. Nothing was really planned out and the couple was stopping wherever their hearts were taking them. Their life on the road has taken them to some of Europe’s most scenic places and the couple explored over ten countries, such France, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Croatia, Italy and many more.

“The idea of traveling on my own time and on my own path just seemed so much more unique and interesting than the usual public transport way of travel.”Hayley Andersen | Source: spiritedpursuit.com

Hayley started documenting her experiences on her blog and even though looking at her Instagram where her posts of a life on the road look glamorous and dreamlike, this lifestyle is also bound to a lot of sacrifices and stressful moments. Living in a camper van can be quite the opposite of glamorous, but Hayley makes no effort to conceal these facts, and that’s what makes her even more likable. On her blog, she shares all the ups and downs of her travels, especially her road trip through Europe. Whether it’s driving around for hours looking for a safe spot to park up for the night or the tremendous amount of road tolls they had to pay when crossing countries. So if you are planning your next road trip, Hayley can definitely hook you up with some essential tips.

“What interests me most about travel is the unknown. The unknown of who you could meet and where you might end up on a new day. It’s the biggest learning curve and I cannot find anything more exciting or exhilarating.”Hayley Andersen | Source: spiritedpursuit.com

While there have been a lot of sacrifices on her journey, there is no doubt that Hayley is living her dream. What started out as a road trip through Europe in a camper van has brought Hayley and Kyle unforgettable moments, new friends and opened their eyes even more to a world full of surprises. Ever since that day when she left her home country, Hayley has been out for adventures, exploring the world and some of the most scenic places. We will definitely keep up with her journey and look for where she will travel next.


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