Fantasy has no boundaries – thanks to Photoshop and other tools, everyone can be a creative mind. To escape from reality or leave the dull everyday life behind and flee into a self-created colorful world. It’s sometimes only a small piece that doesn’t fit in the picture, but the created reality in the young artist’s works always seems to be a little bit displaced. There can be a storm inside a room, time seems to stand still or the artists grew majestic wings – the pictures look like they are from another world.

With a little bit – or maybe a lot – of training, everyone could be able to create those artworks that can cast a spell on us and that seems to come effortlessly out of their minds. But of course, not everyone is motivated enough to teach themselves the art of surrealistic photography. The young talents come from different parts of the world, from Spain to Germany, or the US, but their love for creativity and their fantasy still connects them between the borders. In our ‘Weekly Dose of Inspiration’, we want to introduce to you some of the talents who are able to flee from the monotonous reality and design a parallel world of their own where you can get easily lost.

Be the change 🌐 Be the one who you would also want to look up to. There comes a time when no one will believe in you and everyone else will belittle you, have faith they want you to fail cause you are a threat to their insecure selves.. everything will eventually fall into place. Never try too hard but try to always be different, and be proud. I'm thankful that my family and friends have supported me since the beginning and knowing I will always have them by my side, even when lots will leave you on the way. But most I'm thankful for YOU! Because of you i'm able to meet amazing people around the world and share experiences and learn from them. Concentrate on the things you have and not on those you don't. Be thankful everyday but -Happy late #Thanksgiving. – Btw, Had an amazing day exploring this place and even more fun creating this image. It’s just amazing how ideas float in your brain the second you see something that interests you.. (it’s on 24h tho 🤪). People thought i was insane posing in that room lol. Not everyone needs to understand you. 🙂 #tonimahfud #inspiration #surrealism #monahatoum

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She would be a half planet away, dancing by the moonight, floating in a turquoise sea 🌊

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A is for Adventure! 🌎✈️ Oh how I have missed this! I've been away for the last month travelling all around the USA, which was both fantastic in terms of making new friends/spending much needed time with old ones, but absolutely exhausting in terms of time and the speed the days flew by… I've had so little time to be creative, let alone think creatively, and I've really been missing the structure (albeit a torturous one) of my 365 project. So I thought I'd start a new one! My plan is to shoot one or two concepts a week based alphabetically – this week is A (so, Adventure!) and next week will be B 😊I would love to see anyone else who wants to get on board break their creativity slumps, and interpret the same concepts – either as a recreation or in their own way entirely! If you want to hop on the challenge, you can #rosiehardychallenge so I can go check em out, and you can get the full editing tutorial by following the link in my bio each week 😊 So there we go! What does Adventure mean to you lot?! And where next for me?!… and the cat 🙄🐱

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Last flight. Self portrait, Iceland.

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Just imagine 🎈

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