California based photographer Peter Amend calls himself not a very indoorsy person and that’s also what his imagery reflects; a life of freedom, full of outdoor adventures and love for the ocean and mountains. Whether it’s free diving with sharks in Hawaii, climbing Mount Whitney in California or road tripping through Iceland and New Zealand. Peter is in his full element when he his outdoors with his camera. But there is another side to the married father because he is also a wedding photographer who loves to capture the most intimate moments of loving couples.

Follow along as we unfold the inspiring story of Peter Amend and let you dive into the world of an adventurer and loving outdoorsmen – Peter would say “Let’s go outside.”

“I don’t know that there’s anywhere I love more than California. Being able to surf and ski in the same day, having the option to visit the trees in Yosemite, or drive through the desert in the Eastern Sierra. – I think the diversity of the state is what I love more than anything.”Peter Amend | Source:

Peter was growing up right next to Sequoia National Park in California and his love for the outdoors was just a natural development. At the age of ten, his dad handed him his first antique film camera and photography had him hooked ever since. He can still remember when he took his first image of a wild buffalo on the western plains. The anticipation of getting the film developed, was an experience for him that he will never forget. But his lifelong passion for photography also started with the love for skateboarding and punk rock. Back in high school, his photo teacher taught him that he could photograph anything he wanted to.

“He taught me the rules, and also how to break them. It’s been really fun lately getting back to my roots, spending more time pushing around on skateboards, and getting stoked on the simpler things.”Peter Amend

Still, in high school, Peter already started to work as a wedding photographer and soon his passion for photographing people transitioned into becoming a full-time job. When he is not shooting newlyweds, he is always out and about exploring nature. Today Peter spends most of his time abroad working with brands and creating content with the aim to support a healthy living, active lifestyle and keeping the adventures alive. For him, it’s not all about the exciting destinations and documenting the breathtaking wonders of nature. What he loves the most is to share his experiences with others and create unforgettable moments that he captures with his imagery. In December 2016 he had the chance to witness his greatest adventure yet; the birth of his daughter. His daughter is now 18 months old and the young family tries to enjoy every moment outdoors.

“While it’s comfortable waking up in our own beds, we know you’ll learn more about the world by seeing it firsthand. These experiences are important so that you grow up with a heart full of compassion for the rest of the world.”Peter Amend

We had a blast catching up with Peter and his inspiring photography had us instantly craving for more outdoor adventures whether it’s surfing the ocean or climbing mountains. Follow Peter Amend on Instagram and visit his website to read more about him and his work.


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