Every photographer has its own style by showing the world how they see it. Photographers can capture exceptional moments, feelings and situations that we are often not even aware of. To do so, they have to have an eye for the small things, the things that turn an everyday situation into something special. Especially street photographers are keeping the stories of the people who surround them and it almost feels like they give them a meaning.

One of those talented photographers is Paola Franqui, better known as monaris from her Instagram account. The Puerto Rican woman lives outside of New York in Edison, New Jersey, from where she started to tell her stories. Paola never actually considered photography as a career path for herself, that’s why she studied Criminal Justice at Rutgers University. But once she started to capture moments, a hobby turned into a passion and she experienced a whole new way of storytelling. It happened that she began to work as a street photographer where she can become a visual storyteller through her photos.

Paola Franqui

Paola Franqui


“I hope for people to go beyond their senses with my images, as I wish to evoke emotion behind the lives that people lead.”Paola Franqui | Source: monaris.me 

Her aim with her photography is not about capturing something special but finding the unique and exceptional in everyday situations. Paola is always trying to push boundaries within herself by mastering timing and refining her ability to observe and record those decisive moments in time. The human behavior is what fascinates her the most and as you can see in her Instagram captions, she always thinks about a story that is behind someone’s face and the thoughts of the person. Without actually knowing the people in front of her lens, she tries to capture what they are experiencing, what emotions they are going through and seeks to share their stories before that moment is gone.

Paola Franqui


Something that is always part of her feed are her #reflectionstories. She started them at a time where she felt uninspired about photography. At that time she felt like nothing she did was good enough and needed some inspiration. So to get out of that hole, she bought a lot of photography books and went through them until she got inspired by two of her favorite street photographers who used reflections to document and tell stories. After that, she got her eagerness to photograph back and she fell in love again. She started to change her style in looking beyond what she used to look at and started incorporating rating the use of reflections in her photos. She finally found her inspiration and her #reflectionstories are still the source of inspiration she uses to look for different perspectives.

“No one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.”Paola Franqui | Source: monaris_

We can now see a fantastic photographer who is definitely the storyteller she wants to be as she is able to find those unique moments in the real world. And with her captions, she tells the story behind the picture. In 2017 she was invited by Adorama – a retailer for photo, video, and electronics – to join them and six other photographers on their ‚Through The Lens: CUBA’ trip to get the possibility to see this beautiful country and to capture its beauty with her photography to tell her story.

“Photography is a form of self expression – we go out and we search for the type of content that means something to us. I feel like I’m always inspired by everything around me. The sound, smell, noises, even the vibrancy of Cuba.”Paola Franqui

With her vivid photography she captures beautiful moments of people and when looking at her photos, you feel close to the person in front of the camera even if they are far away. Just a random moment, a daily situation, but with Paola’s photography they become something special and that’s why we are so fascinated by her pictures. We will definitely keep following her way over the years and we will hopefully see how she explores new forms of photography.

Paola Franqui


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