“Get To Know Abhi” and let us welcome you to the colorful culinary world of the fashionable food stylist and content creator Abhishek Dekate. We will be taking a glance into his kitchen and follow him to his favorite eating spots of his hometown Toronto. But first and foremost, we will show you some of the mouthwatering dishes that he comes up with – they are the reason Abhishek had us hooked immediately when we stumbled across his crisp and colorful food styling shots on Instagram. Before we serve you his delicious recipes, we want to get to know a little more about the guy behind the pots and pans.

Abhishek was born in Bhilai, a small town in the northeastern part of India. When he was less than a year old, his family moved to Canada and Abhishek grew up in Calgary for most of his youth. His culinary journey already started at a young age and his family always encouraged him to experiment and create new tastes. His love for food took him to George Brown Culinary School in the heart of Toronto. That was also the time when he started to document his accomplishments in the kitchen and decided to post his food creations to Instagram, more as a portfolio and not knowing where it might take him. After graduating, he knew that there was more to pursue than just working in the kitchen. Abhishek always had this unearthed passion for food styling and photography.

“For me, recipes didn’t need to just be tasty; they needed to be visually appealing. Food photography became my outlet, a translation of my passion for food and styling through my own lens.”Abhishek Dekate | Source: abhishekdekate.com

He decided to go back to school to study Hospitality and Tourism but that never stopped his ventures into the culinary world. Abhishek kept on using Instagram and his blog as his creative outlet to share snippets of what he was cooking up, pieces from his daily life, his love for fashion and his favorite coffee and food spots.

With his keen interest in recipe development, Abhishek had to find his own voice not only through blogging but also in the kitchen. It’s save to say that he doesn’t stick to rules or cookie-cutter recipes. The creative mind loves to add his own tweaks and twists to recipes that inspire him, like his Beetroot Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan. Whether it’s about taking some risks in the kitchen and doing some “Wild Cooking” or just easily stepping up your toast game with some amazing toppings, Abhishek knows how to get creative and serve some drool-worthy recipes. He spends hours in the kitchen experimenting with various dishes. Over time, it also became obvious to him that he couldn’t deny his Indian roots because he just loves to work with different spice blends and add his own “Indian touch” to everything he cooks – this has become his signature.


“To me, a perfect dish is one that hits all flavor notes. It’s like an umami explosion in your mouth. It has the right balance of savory to sweet and soft to crunchy.”Abhishek Dekate | Source: abhishekdekate.com

When Abhishek is not cooking delicious meals in his kitchen, he loves to explore the culinary world of Toronto or venture around the city in search for the best coffee and eating spots like “BADDIES“, where they serve chia pudding and matcha lattes. The fashionable blogger is always on the hunt for some mouthwatering food experiences that you can also check out on his blog.

Fun facts you need to know about Abhishek

      • Abhishek was always in fear of dogs because where he grew up in India, they were only kept as guard dogs and not pets. Now, he just can’t get enough of dogs.
      • He professionally danced for nine years with Shiamak Davar, specializing in Bollywood, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. He performed alongside Bollywood stars at some of the largest stages, including Times Square in New York City.
      • On Instagram, he gets asked all the time if he uses a stylus pen to write on Instagram stories. The answer is no. It’s all done freehandedly, with his index finger using the pen at its lowest setting.
      • His favorite sitcom till today is Friends. He’s watched all seasons multiple times and he still watches an episode or two here and there before bed.

 Abhishek has invested all lot of time and effort to develop his cooking skills and create his own signature touch to everything he does, whether it’s cooking sensational dishes for his friends and family or when it comes to his photography and styling skills. He has grown into a fashion, food and lifestyle photographer, digital content creator and brand influencer. His colorful and crisp shots are hard to oversee and Abhishek’s blog his a must visit if you are in search of culinary inspiration and beautiful imagery. We are more than happy that we came across this young and talented artist and we hope to see more from him in the future.


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