There are many kinds of family and mom blogs out there: Some share creative and imaginative photography, others focus on the interior that works best for families and yet others are locked on giving advice on how to achieve a family that lives together in harmony. Sina Duvinage, the founder of the popular family blog Grey Lucky, offers a combination of all these and many more topics on one single website. Her blog is all about her family, which consists of her, her husband Chris and their two kids Isabelle and Nicholas.

Born in Germany, Sina moved to Canada at age six. Her husband is German as well and their first daughter Isabelle was even born in Munich. During her pregnancy with son Nicholas, they moved back to Toronto where they settled down in a dreamy red brick house near the beach. This is where Sina tells us about her daily life as a family, shoots her creative images – such as her popular series #familyonchairs – and gives us advice on how to optimize your images for Instagram by editing them perfectly using Photoshop.

In one of her blog posts, Sina tells us that she has put a lot of time and effort into the analysis of her various accounts. She knows exactly, which kinds of posts work on which of her social media channels and if you take a close look, you’ll notice the difference. On her steadily growing Instagram account, we’re presented with visually high-quality impressions – and not all of them make it to her blog as well. Sina has understood that Instagram is a lot more fast-paced and it takes a higher image flow than on her blog.

Sina uses Instagram for example to share her #familyonchairs series, where all family members are seated in sequence, not only wearing the same outfit but engaging in the same activity such as reading the newspaper or playing with a camera. Another follower favorite is her top-down photos, where she attaches the camera to the ceiling while the family members are seated on the couch below. There is usually a motto to each image, making it special and sweet. The most popular photos by far are the ones where the family is dressed up in the same outfits, whether it be pajamas, work-out gear or beachwear.

On her Blog, Sina uses the advantage of being able to write long texts. She goes into detail, giving us insight into their travels as a family or explains extensively how some of her special pictures were taken. The website is perfectly suitable to give her readers a glimpse of what’s happening over on Instagram. On one hand, the readers can develop a technical understanding of each photo setting and on the other hand, they’re presented with tricks on how to implement kids in the process.

For other moms (and dads), the many different blog posts with lots of tips and advice for traveling with kids must be one of the most helpful things to find on Happy Grey Lucky. From city trips for beach vacations, Sina has got you covered, whether it be general advice for stress-free travels with kids or a guide to a specific destination. You can also find many activities and examples for family ventures. Besides travel tips, Sina offers a lot regarding a generally happy family life as well. From a Scandinavian and monochrome interior design with kids to advice on how to get your kids through flu season or what to do with your kids when it’s pouring outside – there is something for everyone. As there is so much to discover, you best grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable because once you’ve started, you can easily get lost in the depth of this happy, Canadian family blog.


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