If you take a look at the Instagram account of Vanessa Rivera, her images might seem familiar. Not too long ago, we introduced blogger Dominique alias All That Is She – and Vanessa’s photographs sure go in a similar direction. We think: There can’t be enough inspiring moms in the world! That is why today, we’re taking a closer look at Vanessa – the imaginative mom with her creative images.

AIVAX – That stands for the names of Anthony, Indie, Vanessa, Adyline and Xander. The Life of AIVAX talks about the lives of the young family from California with Mexican roots. And those lives are full of energy, phantasy and playfulness. On her Instagram account, mother Vanessa shares images that truly are an inspiration. Productions that we haven’t seen quite like this before meet ideas that go beyond our power of imagination. What remains is a touch of magic, spreading light in the daily life of the beholder.

Since her first image posted on Instagram at the end of 2013, a lot has happened in the life of Vanessa. While in the beginning, she shared mostly cellphone pictures of family day trips with her followers, her images started to become brighter, friendlier and more homogenous after the birth of her third child Indie. It almost seems like with having Indie, Vanessa realized that now everything is complete and she can start to completely dive into her journey of motherhood on Instagram. With a lot of ambition, she doesn’t only post on her steadily growing Instagram account: In March, she founded the matching blog to her account and in May, she finished school to become an educator.

By using her two main channels differently, Vanessa can clearly show how varied her talents are. On her blog, Vanessa shows her creativity by publishing deep poetry, novelettes and short stories that she likes to spike with matching images. The poems are many-sided – they talk about time, about memories and her children or family life. Here, her talent in writing shines; her ability to create images with words and to get people to reflect on different things.

Surely, Instagram is Vanessa’s main channel. Only this summer, she first published images using the hashtag #mymagicfloor and it’s only been a few weeks since we got to see the hashtag #indieinthemiddle more often. With #mymagicfloor, Vanessa creates sceneries in which the floor stops being just that – it becomes the background of a setting. Using different accessories as decoration and with the help of her kids – awake or even asleep -, Vanessa creates magical moments. A new kind of photography is being born by using extraordinary perspectives. The hashtag #indieinthemiddle reminds us of the already established hashtag #allthatissthree – her kids usually wear the same outfits and are being photographed in a certain setting; Indie is usually placed between his older siblings, as the name already hints.

Vanessa’s well thought-through strategy to raise awareness of her channel is to participate in the weekly #WHP projects of Instagram. With the growing success (on average, her number of followers grows by 250 users daily), her Instagram account became increasingly interesting for brands. Clothing companies sponsor items for the kids to wear for #indieinthemiddle or Vanessa recommends apps or shows that are beneficial for children. She makes sure to choose family-friendly brands to work with, making money with her ideas to support her family. We are in awe of the passionate 28-years old triple mom who has found fulfillment in her family and has managed to graduate from school with three kids, all while staying creative and full of phantasy.


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