Today, we want to introduce you to Nina Schwaiger, the beauty blogger from Germany that is behind the Instagram account and YouTube channel Pelican Bay. Nina shares everything about her life with her followers and is always open about everything that happens to her and that she loves. We asked the handsome mother for an interview to get to know her better.

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At first, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from?

Hi, my name is Nina, I’m 34 years old and I live close to Düsseldorf. I’m a mother of a five-year-old boy and I’m pregnant in the 15th week. My son Louis is very excited for his new sibling.

How did you start blogging?

I’ve always loved to watch videos on YouTube, especially beauty tutorials have always been my passion. One day I talked about it with my husband and he said I should just try to do it myself as I was always very interested in fashion and beauty – so I borrowed a camera and shot my first video. I taught myself everything I needed to know about the programs I edited my videos with. And I got so many positive responses for my first video that I just couldn’t stop to keep on doing it.

When did you first get in touch with makeup and beauty products?

Pretty early – I was 12 when I secretly put on makeup on my way to school. On my way home I always had to remove it so my mum would not see it, but of course, she saw it though.

What are your favorite beauty trends for the spring season?

One of my favorites is the all-over-look – from head to toe in red or white. And I think it’s great that pastel is a trend this spring again. I just love pastel colors!

What are your favorite products you could never live without?

A mascara or concealer.

Do you have a special routine and tips you can share with us? Especially for the currently cold days.

I do a beauty day at least once a week. On this day I usually peel my skin and apply moisturizing masks. But my most important tip is drinking – a lot of drinking always helps in every season.

How does blogging affect your personal life?

Over time, blogging became my profession. The only difference to a regular job is that I never stop working. But thinking of it, I wouldn’t want it any other way because staying in contact with my followers means a lot to me.

Who do you follow to find inspiration?

I really like Negin Mirsalehi. She inspires me and my work!

You are pregnant again, congratulations! How does your pregnancy influence your usual life?

Thank you! I have to admit that the first months have been tough for me. This time was different to my first pregnancy as I had a lot of trouble with nausea and tiredness. Right now everything is back to normal – except my belly, which becomes rounder every day.

As a mum, there is often not that much time for yourself. How do you keep the balance?

At the moment I still have some ‚me-time‘ when Louis is in kindergarten. But I have to see how I will keep the balance once the baby is there but I’m sure I will always find some time for myself. My husband and I are a perfect team and we always find some time for the two of us. Grandma and Grandpa are still there as well and they love to spend some time with their grandchild.

In your videos and Instagram, you are always very open with everything that affects your life and you share a lot of personal things with your audience. Do you want to keep the transparency when it comes to your newborn baby?

I will always hold on to my honesty. But I am not sure yet how much I will share with the public when it comes to my second baby. I am just going to trust on my feeling and of course, I can always ask my husband for advice.

Fashion is a big part of your life as well. Where do you find inspiration?

Definitely on Instagram and in magazines.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself as a happily married mum of two with my own fashion label and my own beauty products on the market. And successful obviously!

We wish Nina all the best and are thrilled to see how she will keep on with her work after giving birth to her second child.


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