If you take a look at the Instagram account of Bethany Menzel from Vancouver, you’ll become the witness of a happy family life. The pictures of the young mother are clear, bright, and exude an inner calmness. The snapshots of the family show joyful children’s laughter, a stylish mother, and a happy relationship – at the same time, Bethany talks a lot about the loss of her second daughter Goldie on her blog, who died only ten days after being born. With her open nature, her endless optimism, and the ability to process her loss together with her husband David through their faith in God, Bethany has built a very personal relationship to her readers as a family blogger.

When Bethany started blogging in 2012, she mostly posted random snapshots and wrote a couple of lines about her adventures and thoughts. Ever since her first pregnancy in 2014, she shared more personal impressions of their new family life openly on her blog and Instagram account. We got to see her two kids Poppy and Skipper grow up and several times Bethany told us her very honest thoughts about giving birth to and soon after that losing her second daughter Goldie. The reactions to her sad but optimistic posts were more than positive: readers wished her and her family strength and thanked her for sharing her story and her process of handling the loss so publicly. Many other young women felt and still feel understood and have a real-life example that life does go on after such a radical experience. Her example shows that a strong faith will help you through anything.

Poppy, her oldest daughter, is three years old today and thus starts to be a lot more attentive. That is why Bethany recently wrote in an article for Mother Mag: “[…] I’ve started to be more aware of what effect social media might have on her childhood. […] I’m careful not to share any photos of them that could be used inappropriately, I also rarely share negative moments about their childhood” (source: Mother Mag). That being said, Bethany does not want to miss out on taking snapshots and being active on social media as she likes to share the sweet, innocent, happy, and funny moments of her family life with her followers.

Having recognized the fact that social media presence leads to being on the smartphone a lot, Bethany addresses a problem of many young mothers and calls upon them to stop over-using modern technologies in the presence of children, as the kids start to copy what their parents do. This understanding led to Bethany not staging her pictures anymore and taking a long time to shoot her pictures, but instead to do more spontaneous snapshots and specifically schedule photo shoots.

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With her story and her way of dealing with social media as a mother, Bethany speaks to the souls of many other young moms that have lost a child or that are in a conflict between kids and social media. Additionally, the Canadian builds a very personal relationship with her readers while taking beautiful and atmospheric pictures from her life. We are convinced that Bethany will be able to build a bridge between the private life of her family and the life as a social media personality and that we will be allowed to keep following the trusted connection between her, her kids, and her community.


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