Jillian Harris from Canada is only 37 years old – but still, her list of professional projects and personal experiences seems endless. The pretty mother of a one-year-old boy – Leo – is known from numerous American and Canadian TV shows. On her blog and social media channels, she invites us to follow her into her colorful world of family, friends, her work as an interior designer and blogger of lifestyle-topics such as nutrition, fashion, and her everyday life. Today, we’d like to offer you the chance to get to know Jillian a little better.

In early 2009, Jillian participated as a candidate in the American TV show The Bachelor and came in second. Just a little later that year, she was the first Canadian to be starring as the main character in the fifth season of The Bachelorette. Her relationship with the winner of her season lasted less than a year. Following the two shows, Jillian strengthened her TV career with appearances in shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Canada’s Handyman Challenge. In 2013, she got her very own series as one of two lead characters in the show Love It or List It Vancouver, as well as in Love It Or List It Too, the American version of the show, where until today, she works as an interior designer.

Those who always laugh at participants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and think they are shallow are in for a treat with Jillian. The friendly, positive, and joyful Canadian has earned quite some sympathy points in public, which is even strengthened through her own personal website, her social media channels, and especially her InstaStories. Today, Jillian has been in a relationship with former pro-snowboarder Justin Pasutto for over five years. In August 2016, their first son Leo was born and in December of the same year, the couple got engaged.

Jillian’s blog is a motley mix of everything that finds a place in her life: From fashion and outfit inspiration, fitness advice, and her mostly vegan and vegetarian nutrition up to her experiences as the mother of her son Leo. Today, she has built a four-member team that helps her with her posts and managing her own business.

Especially on Instagram, more precisely on InstaStories, we get an unfiltered glimpse into Jillian’s life. This is also where we get to witness her in her role as a mother the most intensive. InstaStories is Jillian’s most important tool to stay in contact with her followers. She uses the video feature of the app daily and often, tells us stories about her son Leo at 6 am in the morning with no make-up on, takes us with her to glamorous events or lets us be part of her social life with friends and family. Instagram with its stories became her best option to inform followers about what’s happening in her life and to establish a strong personal connection.

This real insight into her everyday life makes us like the Canadian even more. With her open personality, she doesn’t only tell us anecdotes, she also asks her followers for advice on questions concerning motherhood or gives advice herself if she’s made a great experience with something. For many, Jillian has become a person – through social media and especially through her InstaStories – who you follow to integrate a part of her healthy, balanced lifestyle into your own daily life.

The likeable personality and skillful binding of readers through social media make Jillian an attractive partner for collaborations, whether it is in the area of home, entertaining, and food or for brands that offer all kinds of products for kids. Even though she leads a rather privileged life, living in a gigantic house and sometimes leading a glamorous lifestyle, she never misses an opportunity to show that she has lots of heart for those that weren’t as lucky as her. She participates in many charity projects.

For example, she gave away Leo’s nursery interior to a struggling single mother, she participated several times at Covent House events, where she raised money for the homeless while sleeping without a roof over her head in public and, just recently, she talked about a young mom who had lost the ability to walk after complications while giving birth to her first child. Jillian gathered her contacts in the interior design and architecture industry to remodel the home of the young family to fit the new needs and to ease some of their tragic pain. Jillian calls on her readers a lot to help where they can, donating to organizations such as Mamas for Mamas and do their share of good.

Even though Jillian’s life may seem like a rose-colored bubble, the Canadian mom has remained down to earth. On her blog and especially on her InstaStories, we get to see a businesswoman that has made a name for herself through work and talent in the interior design industry and who can afford a lifestyle that does allow extensive birthday parties for a one-year-old – on the other hand we get to witness how she always balances this lifestyle by giving back through charitable projects and her own system of values. Jillian truly is an enviable woman who easily seems to balance out her life.


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