Every outfit needs a good pair of shoes – that’s a given most fashionistas would probably agree to. However, while they would choose an outfit first and round things off with a nice pair of shoes, sneakerheads take the opposite approach. For a real sneakerhead, the most important part of the outfit is always a good pair of kicks. Going back to the 80s, when RUN DMC was wearing the iconic Adidas Superstars with no laces and Michael Jordan got his first signature pair – the Nike Air Jordan 1 – sneaker culture finally became mainstream.

Since then, the sneaker game has evolved into one of the biggest fashion markets and it’s growing steadily, with world-renowned brands like Nike, Adidas and New Balance involved, many of them releasing new products almost on a weekly basis. The sneaker has even made it on to the runways of fashion shows and some of the most popular fashion designers create their own shoes in collaboration with sneaker brands. Sneaker events are taking place globally, where sneaker fanatics sell and trade some of the most exclusive and sought-after sneaker grails. The community has grown mainly through the use of social media and you will find a ton of sneakerheads who share their love for kicks online – here are our three favorite sneaker influencers, who we think are worth checking out.


It’s pretty obvious that the Berlin-based sneaker addict Michael aka Runnerwally has perfected his photography skills over the years. What started with a couple of shots of his sneaker collection has developed into a real business. Today, Runnerwally works as a photographer and videographer and is always pushing his limits; whether it’s when he documents the sneaker culture or works professionally for clients like the renowned sneaker store Overkill. Visit his website to find out what Runnerwally is up to.


Girl on Kicks

It all started at the age of sixteen when Sanne Poeze bought her first pair of the exclusive Nike Air Max 1. After her studies in graphic design, she gained retail and sneaker experience at the Nike store in Amsterdam and when just collecting sneakers wasn’t enough anymore, she started her own blog ‘Girl on Kicks’. It was her way to present her own personal style and give inspiration and advice on how to wear sneakers in a feminine way. Over the years, Sanne has gained experience in shooting and styling editorials and has worked in sneaker/streetwear consulting, as well as offering social media strategy advice to brands and clients.


The Shoe Surgeon

Celebrating 50 years #nylite50 #tretorn hand making a pair of @Tretorn Nylite

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Dominic Chambrone always had a passion for sneakers, but he started his career in the sneaker business with the craft he originally learned – as a trained traditional shoemaker he has changed the sneaker game. Today, Dominic, better known as The Shoe Surgeon, runs a very profitable business by creating custom, one of a kind sneakers, which are extremely hyped in the sneaker game and attract many clients and popular celebrities. Dominic literally takes sneakers apart and creatively reconstructs them with his own high-quality fabrics. Follow The Shoe Surgeon to witness some of the most hyped and unique custom-made sneakers in the game.


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