What should I eat for breakfast? That’s one of those eternal questions we must answer every morning. Do you follow a daily routine or do you prefer to switch it up? Marta Greber has all the answers for both cases plus some extra insights for us. Polish-born Marta has been living in Berlin for a while now and is a true “breakfast lover“. On her food blog What should I eat for breakfast today?, she shares everything she knows about food, especially good breakfasts and useful breakfast guides for various cities. We took a closer look at her recipes and her blog for our food category.

Simple morning pleasures 🍽 I hope you had a great long weekend!

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The trained attorney moved from Poland to Berlin a few years ago and stopped working as a lawyer after her move. The 37-year old founded her blog by chance; after a trip to South America and food poisoning from salmonella, she followed a cleansing diet. During that time, she had cravings for tons of things she wasn’t allowed to eat, so began cooking those foods for her boyfriend Tomasz. Marta herself is a total morning person and loves to have a good breakfast – that’s why she created some delicious breakfast meals during this time. Tomasz loved all of them and she finally decided that she wanted to share her breakfast ideas on a blog – and we are extremely happy she did.

“I love to eat breakfast in the morning. For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” – Marta Greber

The positive feedback she quickly received was a huge motivation for her. Right now, she has more than 430.000 followers on Instagram and, because of her love for breakfast, she’s one of the most successful food bloggers in Germany. For those of you who say they don’t have enough time to prepare a huge breakfast in the morning, think twice. Marta has quick and easy recipe ideas, tips, and tricks on her blog for everybody.

“There are lots of great breakfast ideas that can be prepared the evening before. For example, mix chia seeds with rice milk, let it sit in the fridge overnight, and serve it with some fresh berries in the morning. Or self-made granola with some yogurt and fresh fruit, it takes less than 2 minutes.” – Marta Greber

She works more than three or four hours on a blog post. First, she prepares the food and decorates it to take some great pictures. Then she chooses her favorite images and writes a story for the full recipe. Make sure to take a look at her blog where you will find great recipe ideas, restaurant and café tips and several city guides for Berlin, Barcelona, and San Francisco – all packed with information and worth reading.


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