Sometimes in life, you’re at a turning point and you are not sure which route you should choose. Sometimes things happen for good reason or by happy accident; you could call it predestination. And that’s how Alli’s career started – in high school, she was the girl who doodled over everything and she has been practicing her handwriting ever since she can remember. When Alli graduated and was looking for a job, she didn’t know her drawings could lead to her own business.

Handwriting practice turns into a professional practice

She posted a couple of her word paintings on social media, which resulted in several requests from friends to do paintings for them. As it turned out, she received so many orders that she decided to follow her passion and, straight after college, she started her design company called Alli K Design. Today, Alli has turned her handwriting practice into expert illustrations.

Modern and minimal design created by hand

It’s pretty obvious that Alli loves clean and minimal design and the color black is not only a staple in her wardrobe but also fills most of her blank pages and designs. She works with neutral tones, often adding some pops of color here and there. Her designs seem like a very modern take on calligraphy with simple lines, beautiful handwriting, clean typography, often enhanced with floral elements. Every design is personalized, made to order, and created by hand, which gives each illustration a unique and custom feel that perfectly represents the client’s wants and needs.


“If we want to see something that’s different, we have to be responsible for creating it.”Alli’s favorite quote by Tessa Thompson.

If you look at her desk, you will definitely find a lot of paper and her basic tools, including tons of ink and even more pens! She also works with watercolors and acrylics and, besides hoarding pens and paper, her studio is filled with paints and cacti – one of her favorite plants. Her studio, the Curated Co-op, not only serves as her workspace; it’s also the place where she hosts her own workshops and lessons, teaching others all about watercolor, illustrations, brush lettering, and modern calligraphy. If you are not able to visit her studio in Dallas, Alli has also released her own book, How To Draw Modern Florals. The book teaches you everything you need to know about the process of drawing modern florals.


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