More and more people decide to go vegan and while the change is beneficial for your own health, animals and the economy, starting one’s own vegan lifestyle can be challenging at first. During the transition, your body has to get used to your new food choices and a few tips for that can only be helpful. This is why we talked with Melina Kutelas – founder of the successful vegan food blog About that Food – about her favorite recipes and asked her the question: Why did you decide to go vegan?

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you and where you come from?

I grew up in Vienna but my family is Greek and after a few years of living in the United Kingdom, I am back home and super happy about it!

Tell us more about where you live and what a typical day looks like?

Vienna is a pretty small city but with lots to offer, especially when it comes to food and restaurants. My days usually consist of taking photos and editing and of course writing blog posts.

“Awareness and consciousness is always key.”Melina Kutelas

When was the first time you thought about starting your blog and why?

A long time ago, but it took me a while to actually do it. I love cooking and I always admired the beautiful photography in some blogs. I wanted to give it a try myself. So in late 2015, I created About That Food because I wanted to offer a platform to help people who wanted to go on this wonderful journey of becoming vegan. A journey that can sometimes be very confusing and frustrating but essentially is a very exciting and beautiful thing.

How long did it take to become a professional blogger?

I was lucky and it only took about six months until my first client approached me.

How would you describe your content and philosophy of your blog?

Veganism, of course, is something very important to me, and that’s mainly what my food is about. About That Food is meant to be a place to motivate yourself, get inspired, and informed. Veganism isn’t that hard; if I can do it, so can you.

“My philosophy is to get to know your food, actually know what it is that you are putting into your body and what effect it has not only on yourself but on the world surrounding you.”Melina Kutelas 

What is your favorite food and do you have some favorite ingredients?

I don’t really have one favorite dish and I change my mind all the time. To me, the most important ingredients are fresh vegetables, whatever is in season right now.

When and why did you decide to go vegan?

I decided to go vegan completely a little over three years ago; I was a vegetarian before because I couldn’t stand the thought of eating a living being. And after researching the environmental benefits of going vegan, my mind was made up. It has changed so much for me, my relationship with food has become such a positive one and without it, I would have never discovered my love and passion for creating my own recipes.

What’s your favorite vegan dish right now?

Like I already mentioned, it’s hard to point out one favorite of mine. But I definitely love a good lasagna or pasta.

What are your working essentials?

My camera.

What things can you not live without, besides your camera?

Definitely food.



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