Some people just need to be given the right instrument to discover their talent and passion. Ed Sheeran got a guitar as a present from his uncle – Tara Phillips was gifted with a graphics tablet. Both have never stopped using their working instruments since then and – resulting from years of practice – are creating amazing works. While Ed Sheeran has become world famous by now, we’d like to introduce Tara today so that her audience will grow as well and we will have much more of her art for our pleasure.

Scribble, scribble… hrmmm. ✍️? ( ? by @thisgreyrock )

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The young Australian was gifted the Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet about nine years ago and has worked on her abilities as an illustrator ever since. Until today, this very tablet is her trusted companion which she still uses preferably – alternating with the Wacom Cintiq Companion – for her work. Additionally, Tara owns a MacBook Pro due to the retina display. Her technical equipment is topped off with Photoshop CC. Using all these tools, Tara started graphic work at an early age. Her theoretical knowledge stems from her studies in graphic design at the University of Western Sydney. Her illustrative abilities are, however, completely self-taught, as she felt like the practical part of her studies wasn’t intense enough.

‘Brünhild’ – Close-up. Check out the process video on my tumblr. #digitalart #illustration #painting #details

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Right after her graduation, Tara started freelance work, taking on mostly graphic design jobs. She worked jobs in this area for two years before she decided to follow her passion and start focusing on a career as an illustrator with the help of an agent. Some of her clients are ImageFSMagazine, Australian Geographic and Bauer Media Books. According to her own statement, Tara spends most of her time at her graphics tablet; if she’s not working on customer orders, you will find her perfecting her own drafts. These are offered as prints in her own online shop.

'The Taxman' – close-up. #truedetective #hbo #rustcohle #digitalart

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Tara’s style is unique and unmistakable. Her drawn illustrations are usually somehow mystical and the characters have a supernatural touch to them, which she explains with her love for the comic series Sailor Moon in her early childhood. Whenever Tara starts a new project, she likes to take her time conceptualizing and solidifying her ideas – only then she’ll start with linework, followed by flat coloring and rendering. On various events, such as the Wacom Make It, we get to watch Tara live at work. If you don’t want to wait for such an event, you can witness her work in time-lapse videos on Tara’s Instagram account at any time.

The success of the young Australian proves that you can turn your passion into a career at any time. The matching course of studies may help with that but aren’t necessarily a must, as Tara proves. To have a unique style, outspoken talent and the gift to put customer’s wishes into practice is something that can’t be taught in school. With her path, Tara isn’t only a creative inspiration for many, but also in terms of a business career. We’ll make sure to follow the amazing work of Tara and are delighted by her talent.


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