Niki Brantmark is not only the founder of the award-winning interior design blog My Scandinavian Home, but also the mother of two. She is a renowned blogger, stylist and on top of that the author of three books. Since we had the pleasure to feature Niki in our online magazine, there was no way to not come across her affection for Lagom, the Swedish art of living a balanced, happy life – which also is the title of one of her three books. The word Lagom has no real translation; it’s more of a lifestyle and Niki’s book is a step by step guide to bring the Swedish balanced ways of living into our lives. There was no doubt that we wanted to get to know more about this life-changing philosophy and Niki had us hooked with immediately – this is why we give you a sneak peek into her latest book.

The Look & Feel

This delightful hardcover book was published in September 2017 and comes in a very handy size, making it suitable for every bag or even the pocket of your jacket – it’s a great choice for reading while traveling. Throughout the over 280 pages, you will find lovely and minimalistic illustrations paired with simple typography and eye-catching sidenotes. The book is filled with beautiful imagery reflecting Swedish ways of living. The word Lagom which can be translated to “not too much, not too little” matches perfectly this inspiring book’s layout.

The Content

Fifteen years ago Niki was invited to spend her summer holidays in Sweden with some friends. This certainly was a life-changing experience for her, as she fell in love with the Swedish way of living and also met her future husband; without a doubt, she then decided to find a new home in the serenity of southern Sweden. Niki started her own family and quickly adapted to the Swedish way of life. Her book draws on her life in Sweden and is filled with tips, tricks and fun, bite-sized activities to help achieve a balanced, happier life. It covers many aspects of life, including how to organize your home, achieve a work-life balance, as well as healthy recipes, DIY inspirations and how to live a more relaxed and sustainable life.

“You are no doubt exercising Lagom in many aspects of your life already. However, I hope the ideas in this book will help you think more consciously about introducing Lagom in other ways, too; in a way that works for you.” Niki Brantmark

Our Résumé

In this modern day and age where we live an increasingly busy life and feel the urge to be connected 24/7, with her book Niki guides us to rethink our habits and motivates us to slow down and take more time out to relax. Based on this simple Swedish philosophy, the book shows us how to include some of the principles into our daily lives without turning it completely upside down; it is more about those small changes that everyone can easily apply to their lives. The book is not only well-written and designed, but it’s also very helpful and inspiring, a book that you can always pick up every once in a while even after having read through it already. It´s already available in English, French, Portuguese, Czech, German and other languages to follow. So, we highly recommend to have a „fika” (a break) and read through Niki Brantmark`s amazing book or visit her blog.