When we hear the word DIY, we often automatically think of knitted socks and colorful home improvement projects. It is rare that we think of trendy furniture, inventive gift ideas or minimalistic home decoration. But DIY doesn’t mean you have to pick up your crochet needles or paint everything in bright and shiny colors. DIY projects can be stylish while also following a function and looking great all at the same time. To prove this point, we’d love to introduce to you Homey Oh My, an American DIY home and design blog.

Homey Oh My was founded in late 2013 by Amy Kim, a content creator and stylist from Los Angeles. If we take a look at her blog or her Instagram account @homeyohmy, we will soon recognize her passion for minimalistic, Scandinavian design. Her pictures, which are mostly taken in her home, show lots of white, paired with black accents and natural green plants. Her clean, straightforward style doesn’t only run through her house, but also through her pictures and especially all of her DIY projects.

We could browse through her project gallery for hours to find inspiration. Tasteless and tacky projects are out of place here. On Amy’s Blog, we can find guides for geometrical wooden picture frames, soap bars in marble look and napkins with palm leaf prints. Amy especially re-interprets traditional festivities like Christmas, Easter and Halloween in her very own way which makes her pictures really stand out between all the typical red and green Christmas decoration and colorful Easter eggs. Even her self-made potholders fit the overall visual pattern of Amy’s pictures.

Regarding the content, Homey Oh My has something to offer for anyone: Amy makes jewelry, storage options, small pieces of furniture, fashion accessories and all kinds of decoration but she also publishes guides for beauty products, self-made gift wrappings and decoration for all kinds of festivities. Amy often cooperates with brands and businesses, such as producers of spray paint, manufacturers of structured crafting paper or photo services.

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The brands are as diverse as the offered DIYs – but still, you would never think of sponsored content when first looking at her posts. Not because Amy doesn’t mark them as advertisement but because her product placements are perfectly incorporated into her postings. Amy understands to avoid subtile and bold commercials and instead presenting a useful way to present the products. That way, brands aren’t simply introduced but demonstrated in their field of application. For example, in cooperation with an online photo developing service she presented the instructions to create a hanging picture wall and the sponsored spray paint is used to show how to turn old items into copper colored flower vases.

The DIYs of the young American are also distinctively recognizable on Pinterest – which is Amy’s strongest social media channel with almost 55.000 followers. Almost every search for a DIY will result in a picture of one of Amy’s projects that you will immediately recognize by the typical clean Homey Oh My styling. Amy knows how to use Pinterest with the popular 80/20 rule: 80% foreign content that is consistent with your own style and 20% of your own photos. That is how Amy keeps luring new readers to her blog.

Her pictures are standing out due to their modernness and clarity. Amy keeps convincing us with with her creative ideas, her Scandinavian style and her ability to turn the latest trends into DIY projects. But it’s not only us who are charmed by her blog: magazines like Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar have featured Amy, her home and her DIYs. Homey Oh My is our recommendation for everyone who loves to get crafty from time to time.


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