As soon as you head over to the Studio DIY website, you’ll get that tingling feeling in your fingers. After reading through a couple of the articles, you’re ready to grab some scissors and get started on your next crafting project. The slogan make life a party right underneath the header matches the bright and colorful preview images of the newest articles perfectly. But let’s dig a little deeper and see what Studio DIY has to offer.

DIY plush cactus – click here to see more.

First and foremost, Studio DIY comes in strong with its very specific corporate identity. Wherever you look, the images are bright, colorful and have an overall happy appeal. Looking at the pictures alone is so much fun that you can’t help but get invested in all the projects of the Studio DIY team. The team consists of six people with Kelly Mindell being the founder – and the story of how she got to the point at which she started Studio DIY is so very interesting, that you should definitely read it yourself, but we’ll also summarize a little for you.

DIY lawn flamingo and baby cactus costume – click here to read more.

Kelly has always been very creative – from selling paper crafts with her friend in elementary school to making jewelry in 10th grade. She knew what she loved to do and always looked for a way to get invested in what she was doing and learning about ways to get herself to where she needed to go. During her recovery from cancer in 8th grade, she got into fashion design and started researching fashion careers – which made her discover the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC. She took classes there on Saturdays and during the summer as part of a pre-college program. In school, Kelly focused on art classes and building her portfolio for college. Everything she was doing was to set the right path for her future.

DIY pineapple Cake – click here to read more.

In high school, Kelly started adding sewing classes to her list of courses. She started designing her own pieces and participated in a design contest. She won and spent all summer working on her own six-piece collection that she got to showcase at New York Fashion Week as a prize. If you haven’t figured it out by now: Kelly has done everything possible to make her way in the industry, always being intensely invested in what she was doing. She went to FIDM, Los Angeles, for about a year and finished her studies in Public Communication and Marketing in Washington D.C.

Kelly Mindell’s closet – click here to read more.

While she was working for several wedding blogs, she worked on building Studio DIY which she finally launched in November 2011 after moving back to Los Angeles with now-husband Jeff. It took about a year and a half of complete dedication and hard work until Studio DIY really took off. One of the reasons for the success must be the great and consistent branding, besides all the amazing ideas. Every sponsor and every client knows exactly what Studio DIY stands for and what the design direction of a post and project will be.

The variety of the ideas and projects offered on Studio DIY is very broad. In the categories DIY, Eats, Style, Travel and Holiday, you can find anything from cake recipes and Halloween costumes to complete room makeovers. With son Arlo born in March 2017, there is now also a lot more kid-friendly content on the blog, taking the range of ideas to a whole new level. There is so much to discover that it is hard to put into words what we loved most.

DIY fruit garden party – click here to read more.

We’re sure that at least one of the amazing Halloween costume ideas is going to be turned into a sewing project by us and we’re now convinced that no party can ever really be great if there aren’t any balloons involved. If you haven’t already, now is your time to head over to Studio DIY and get lost in all their amazing ideas or scroll through their Instagram feed – it is not a bit less inspiring than the website and gives you an amazing overview of what you can find in detail on Studio DIY.


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