Our eyes are like windows to our soul. They can reveal the real human standing in front of us. It’s an art form to find the unique and exceptional in the people and to capture it with a camera so it will build a connection between the picture and the beholder. Above all, expressive portrait shots can hold on to a feeling and a moment. In today’s ‚Weekly Dose of Inspiration‘, we want to show you some talented photographers who can captive us over and over again.

Just like any kind of artwork, every human being is beautiful in its own way, we sometimes just have to remind ourselves of it. Great portrait shots not only picture the outer beauty of a person but let the inner beauty and the personality speak out. Emotions can give those pictures their unique expression and beautiful depth. So let’s get lost in the warm, beautiful and expressive eyes in those open and honest photographies and become aware of our own uniqueness again.

Sunday's are for 🍦

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I feel blessed when I look at you

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find your path #berlin

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from my last shoot with @johnjohanness

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