Niki Brantmark is the founder of the acclaimed interior blog My Scandinavian Home. It truly is Niki’s goal to introduce the rest of the world to the essence of Scandinavian design because the country and the Swedish way of living has taken her heart by storm. Originally from London, Niki spend her first holidays in Sweden at the age of five; she was visiting a friend from primary school who moved there. Nikki and her mother stayed in Stockholm and enjoyed midsummer celebrations and swimming in the lakes. She fell completely in love with the country.

As fate would have it, twelve years later Nikki went to revisit her friend again for the summer holidays. On the second day, she went on a sailing trip that would change her life because on that little trip she met her future husband and eventually decided to leave London behind and move to Malmö in 2004.

Nikki got married and now lives in Skåne, with her husband, their two children Liv and Allie and her stepson Albin. The family moved into a Swedish townhouse near the shore of Öresund, a beautiful and very family-friendly area close to the ocean, where they enjoy sailing and taking daily dips in the sea or going for hikes in the nearby forest.

In 2011, Niki started her blog My Scandinavian Home where she documents her love for the Scandinavian aesthetic and the most appealing and inspiring Scandinavian homes. Nikki always loved interior design and when she moved to Sweden 13 years ago, she was truly inspired by the beautiful homes and the interiors of the Nordic countries. It became her goal to bring the essence of Scandinavian taste for interior design over the North European borders and to share with others who love Scandinavian-inspired interiors. Her blog reached more than 600.000 views per month and in 2015 Nikki decided to quit her job as a marketing manager to focus on blogging full time.

In Scandinavia, the real focus of residential architecture is natural light – in the summertime, there is plenty of it, while in the wintertime it’s very rare. Therefore, houses are designed to maximize the light flow.Niki Brantmark | Source:

Niki is not only the founder and creative director of an award-winning interior design blog but also the author of three books: The Scandinavian HomeModern Pastoral and her latest book Lagom, The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life. The Swedish word Lagom can be translated as “not too much and not too little—just right”; it’s the Swedish philosophy for enjoying balance in every aspect of life and it feels like Niki Brantmark has assimilated it into her life and work. It’s remarkable how a Swedish culture and way of living can have such a positive impact. If you are in need of some brilliant Scandi-inspired interior design and a little bit of that Swedish “Lagom”, make sure to follow Nikki on Instagram and on her fantastic blog.


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